Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 107

Marketing 4th March 2022

If you’re curious to know what’s been happening in the tech space this past week, then look no further… our Friday Tech Round Up is your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

In episode 107, we explore a carbon footprint tracking tool, Toyota falls victim to a cyber-attack and scientists develop a solution for people living in dry-climate regions – just to name a few.

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Tech news: week of 28th February

New carbon footprint tool released

Amazon Web Services customers can now calculate the environmental impact of their AWS workloads with the new customer carbon footprint tool.

Features of this tool include providing customers with their historical carbon emissions, evaluating emission trends, and estimating the carbon emissions they’ve avoided by using AWS.


Huge investment into smart greenhouses

Agtech startup today announced it harvested a $10 million investment to make greenhouses smarter.

As well as using data and AI to help greenhouses operate at even higher levels of efficiency and repeatability of high-yield harvests, this process is reportedly safer, more reliable and more climate-resilient.


Telefónica’s Tech to become an AWS Premier Consulting Partner

Telefónica Tech plans to launch several value-added services such as edge computing and cloud-native private 5G networks that run on AWS Outposts.

This collaboration is also designed to open up new opportunities in machine learning, internet of things (IoT), video and game streaming and Industry 4.0.


Toyota forced to close 14 factories after a cyber-attack

Commenting on the attack, Bulletproof and said that it was a textbook case of supply chain attack.

They also highlighted the need for organisations to not only focus on their own assets, but also to actively monitor for threats at every touchpoint they have with other organisations.


Breakthrough for dry-climate regions

Scientists in Saudi Arabia have created a solar-driven system that successfully grows spinach by using water drawn from the air while producing electricity.

The proof-of-concept design offers a sustainable, low-cost strategy to improve food and water security for people living in dry-climate regions.


ECS shoutouts

We have a brand-new Tech³ Podcast episode out, where Flavilla Fongang, Founder of TLA Black Women in Tech, joins us to speak about the barriers black women in tech face today, and also the motives of writing The Voices in the Shadow book.

Flavilla will also be joining us for our panel discussion next Tuesday 8th March at 12noon, alongside Barbara Gottardi – chief information officer, Rhiannon Lawson – deputy director/leader in digital data and technology, Marie Drake – quality engineering manager at Zoopla and Diana Otel – cross-functional senior consultant with 6+ years of experience in CI/CD, test automation.

Our panellists will be discussing making change happen in the 21st-century business landscape., diving into topics like how we can begin to close the 7% gap in leadership roles and the importance of allyships in achieving change.

Make sure to join via this YouTube link.

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