Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 108

Marketing 11th March 2022

If you’re curious to know what’s been happening in the tech space this past week, then look no further… our Friday Tech Round Up is your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

In episode 108, we explore why FinTech funding is faltering, why energy tech startups are struggling to scale and the UK government’s new collaboration – just to name a few.

If you’d prefer to watch a four-minute rundown of the news, head over to our YouTube channel and watch episode 108 of the Friday Tech Round Up.

Friday Tech Round Up

New collaborations aid telecoms supply chain issues

The UK government is reportedly forging closer links with Japan, aiming to solve global telecoms supply chain issues, including support for research and development collaboration on future tech.

New regulations will see reform to planning laws with the objective of reducing the number of phone masts needed to improve 4G and 5G mobile coverage.


UK energy tech startups struggle to scale

According to a report by entrepreneur network Tech Nation, there are 950 energy tech companies in the UK, but 47.6% of them are ‘stuck’ at the seed investment stage.

Luke Smith, partner at venture capitalist firm Forward Partners, believes it’s because “the path to revenue is much longer than for other tech startups”, stating “It can take years and millions in further funding before any commercial traction”.


Celebrating International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day took place Tuesday this week, and with that came a closer look at the technology industry and what more can still be done to strive for greater quality and equity.

ECS hosted a panel discussion on this very topic which is available to view on demand on YouTube. It begins to break down challenges women face in the workplace and shares the advice and experience of six incredible speakers, Flavilla Fongang, Barbara Gottardi, Rhiannon Lawson, Marie Drake and Diana Otel and host Eloisa Tovee.

International Women's Day

UK Tech News also did a great blog, which you can read here.


Fintech funding takes a tumble

In the past two weeks, a total of 51 fintech companies collectively raised $1.1 billion in seed through late-stage venture funding, which is down 63% from the previous two-week period.

Crunchbase revealed the potential reasons behind this decline, which included the attack on Ukraine, inflation, expected interest rate hikes, public market weakness and the pandemic.


Could your smart watch battery power a car?

A recent study has revealed safer, more powerful batteries for electric cars.

The study found that solid-state batteries, like the ones used in smart watches, have the potential to be safer and more powerful for things such as electric cars and storing energy from solar panels.

However, there are still a few technical hurdles to overcome before solid-state batteries can become widespread.


ECS shoutouts

Our free ECS Data Science Immersion Day, in partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS), is just around the corner – on the 15th and 16th March.

We still have a few slots available so make sure to reserve your spot to learn about:

  • the core concepts of Data Science and Machine Learning,
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And that’s it!

Make sure to come back next week for even more tech news.

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