Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 71

Marketing 11th June 2021

For anyone unfamiliar with the Friday Tech Round Up, each week we say lights, camera action and give you the inside scoop on five standout news pieces from the past week. Each piece has a focus on the technology space, covering stories about cloud to data breaches, customer experience to edge computing and everything in-between.

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Friday Tech Round Up Episode 71

So, what news pieces did we want to shout about this week? Take a look below…


HashiCorp announcement

So first up, we chatted a little bit about HashiCorp’s recent announcement regarding the general availability of Terraform 1.0. This release marks a major milestone for interoperability, ease of upgrades, and maintenance for automation workflows.

What’s more, Terraform now has over 100 million downloads, so a big congratulations to everyone working on the project!


Major websites knocked offline

A hard one to miss this week was the news of serval major websites going down after a major breakage.

Popular websites including The Guardian, UK Government and BBC were knocked offline on Tuesday, with cloud computing provider Fastly being behind the problems.

Within an hour they had the Content Delivery Network and website back online, but not before news of the outages made the rounds – this poses the question, is it wise for so many companies to trust a single internet infrastructure? 


NHS data sharing plan updates

The UK government made it into a second piece of news this week – and no, not because Boris Johnson chose to fly to Cornwall for the G7 summit. It was announced that the government will be delaying its controversial NHS data sharing plan.

This will postpone the NHS England from extracting patient data from GP records and move it to a centralised NHS Digital database.

Whilst the promise of this data being used for a “wide variety of research and analysis to help run and improve health and care services,” should be a good thing, there has been lots of opposition to the idea of people’s NHS data being shared, with many questioning whether we can trust that our data will be handled safely and securely.


Hundreds arrested using messaging app

Forth up was a global crime sting, where hundreds of individuals were arrested using messaging app. The operation, named Trojan Shield, saw law enforcement agencies in 18 countries seizing over $148 million, as well as hundreds of illegal weapons and drugs.

The FBI and other agencies set up and secretly ran the ANOM messaging app, which was designed to suit the needs of organised crime groups. They were then able to access more than 27 million messages sent through the app.

A great example of government corporations tapping into the digital world!


AI and ML helps to release code 10 times faster

And finally we spoke about a new study by GitLab, who found that AI and Machine Learning will start playing a more important role within DevOps.

The report shows that enterprises adopting the technology are releasing code ten times faster, with 84% of developers and managers stating they’re releasing code faster than before. 

The study also showed that 75% of enterprises are using AI and ML to test and review their code before release, while 25% use full test automation. 


ECS shoutouts

First and foremost, a huge congratulations to the team for becoming finalists in three categories in this year’s FStech awards.

We’re also excited to announce the next DevOps Playground has been announced – Compliance as Code: shifting the Controls to the left. This session will be livestreamed on the ECS YouTube channel on June 24th, 6pm. 

And, last but certainly not least, a shout out to Jason Field who joined Chef for their Automated Cookbook Testing with GitHub Actions webinar on Wednesday. Catch on-demand here. 

Make sure to come back next Friday for even more tech news!

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