Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 74

Marketing 2nd July 2021

So, what is the Friday Tech Round Up?

Each week, we say lights, camera action and report on the latest and greatest news. We pick five stand out pieces of tech news from the previous week, each focussing on the technology space, covering stories about end of software support to new feature releases, global digital initiatives all the way to the biggest hacks of the century.

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Friday Tech Round Up

So, what news pieces did we want to shout about this week? Take a look below…


Public cloud IaaS increases during pandemic

A study by Gartner has revealed that spending on public cloud infrastructure as a service has increased by 41% in 2020. The study showcased that Amazon remains the largest provider, followed closely by companies like Microsoft and Alibaba.

Unsurprisingly, the increase is said to be due to the increased demand to migrate workloads, as well as healthcare applications with AI-assisted bots, digital twins in manufacturing and e-commerce in retail.

But something to consider is as demand begins to return to a more manageable pace, do you think companies will re-evaluate their move to the cloud approach or will spend only ever increase?


Facebook reaches the $1 trillion valuation faster than any other company

In crossing the $1 trillion mark, Facebook joins fellow tech giants Apple, Microsoft, Amazon and Alphabet in a very exclusive club.

For context, it took Microsoft 33 years and Facebook just 17. Helping the company out was none other than the global pandemic, boosting Facebook’s shares up 30% this year alone.

There’s no doubt that Facebook is a highly successful company, but how will they keep shares up as the effects of the pandemic begin to wear off?


Free flow of data between the UK and EU to continue

 It was recently announced that the European Commission would allow the flow of personal data from the EU to the UK to continue.

The decision was taken in order to promote the free flow of personal data globally and across borders, as well as to assure smooth trade and an effective fight against crime.

Some great news for UK firms that now don’t have to find costly alternative plans with EU and EEA firms to keep data flowing.


Hopefully, a brighter future for the humble honeybee!

 A number of tech firms are leveraging software and data sharing to help them better understand the plight of the insects, marking a significant shift from traditional beekeeping.

The wireless in-hive sensors extract raw data points to monitor and record the health of all the bee colonies and help save more hives.

Whilst a great initiative for the environment, with the global honey industry worth an estimated 6.5bn pounds in 2020, there is also a significant commercial imperative behind the increased use of technology to monitor and look after bees. Especially at a time when the coronavirus pandemic has focused minds on wider food supply issues.


Huge investments into cyber

The Cabinet Office has increased it’s cyber spending by almost 500%.

According to the Parliament Street think tank, they spent over £270,000 on training courses covering ethical hacking, digital forensics and cyber security, compared to the £47,018 spent on cyber training in the previous year.

We’ve all seen the rise in cybercrime over the past year or so, so more of an investment into training staff on all things cyber security can only be a good thing.


News that didn’t make the recording:

92% of all LinkedIn user’s data reportedly exposed

700 million LinkedIn records were reportedly put up for sale on a hacker forum recently. This comes just two months after a jaw-dropping 500 million profiles from the networking site were put up for sale.

With details such as email addresses and phone numbers made visible, individuals could become the target of spam campaigns, or worse still, victims of identity theft.

LinkedIn has since released a statement denying the exposure of such records… words that seem very similar to the statement released in the previous data breach… very phishy.

Would this stop you from using social platforms like LinkedIn?


Machine learning startup DataRobot reportedly raises $250M on $6B valuation

Machine learning automation startup DataRobot Inc. has raised $250 million in new funding on a valuation of about $6 billion. DataRobot offers a platform that uses AI to automate and accelerate what it calls the “intelligence revolution.”

The company’s platform enables users to build custom AI models without writing code with the company’s algorithms looking at the data the user is looking to process, finds a neural network suitable for the task and then automatically fine-tunes it to boost performance.

DataRobot claims that its platform simplifies development to the point that building a machine learning model becomes possible even for workers who don’t know how to code!


ECS Shoutouts

Make sure to register for our CX webinar on the 14th July, Peeling back the plasters
on CX one year on – looking at the cracks beneath those quick fix remote infrastructure solutions that many companies adopted because of the pandemic.

Also, a huge congratulations to the ECS team for becoming finalists in three categories at this year’s DevOps Excellence Awards and winners of the Best Automation Project. We are super proud of all the hard work and ingenuity that went into the projects and are thrilled to have secured industry recognition for the team’s efforts. A very well done to everyone involved!

That’s all the news we have this week, make sure to come back next Friday for even more tech news!

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