Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 76

Marketing 16th July 2021

Back again for the latest and greatest tech news? There’s a lot going on in the world of tech, so much so that it can be overwhelming! So, to help you out, we’ve picked what we think are five pieces of standout tech news from the past week and chatted about them in our Friday Tech Round Up.

This can be anything from big tech companies going green and Artificial Intelligence becoming the next best thing, to huge changes in legislation that will affect the tech world as we know it… (tense music).

So, what’s been on the agenda this week? Check out the latest episode of the Friday Tech Round Up by clicking the image below.

No headphones whilst on your bus ride home and don’t want to be ‘one of those guys’… we’ve made it easy for you to scroll through the top five pieces of news below.


Clamp down on keyboard warriors

I’m sure many of us were plonked in front of the TV on Sunday night cheering on the England boys and then sharing in the emotion when we lost to Italy in the penalty shootout.

But what should have been remembered as a triumph of teamwork and football coming home turned into a vile display of online abuse and quite rightly, there has been a call for social media companies to stamp down on users hiding behind anonymous account by introducing legal identification.

Whilst ID verification might seem like a logical solution, Adam Smith, journalist at the Independent, argues that it would give platforms more power without actually fixing the problem… what do you think?


Revolut became Britain’s biggest-ever fintech

The company raised a huge £577million in a new fundraising led by two major global investors.

The deal will transform Revolut into one of the most valuable fintech companies ever launched in Europe and worth six times more than that it was a year ago!


Microsoft announces new Windows 365 and critical update for Windows 10

Microsoft has popped up twice this week, the first was to announce Windows 365, a new subscription-based cloud PC product where users can stream a Windows device from anywhere. This will be available for business customers of all sizes next month.

The second is to warn Windows 10 users about a critical update warning after the company’s new Windows 10 ‘Patch Tuesday’ update revealed fixes for an eye-opening 117 security holes. 103 of these flaws are classified as ‘Important’, 13 are deemed ‘Critical’ and four of the critical flaws are under active attack by hackers.


Staggering number of engineers reportedly suffer burnout

A new study shows 83% of UK software engineers suffer burnout with COVID-19 making it worse. Junade Ali, the computer scientist who commissioned the survey, found that an increase in “digitization” was the main factor. It is also believed that the burnout, especially among developers, could be linked to “cycle time” and an increase in pressure for engineering teams to deploy ideas into production to get feedback from real-world users.

Whilst the report doesn’t show any evidence of a link between short cycle times and an increase in burnout, the report did flag some holes with how the psychological safety of teams is prioritised and factored into agile ways of working.

If you feel you might be at risk of burnout, our engineer Ali Hill delivered a keynote at DevOpsDays Edinburgh in 2019. It’s amazing how relevant his talk remains today and hopefully it will help some of you see you’re not alone and give you actionable steps you can take to prevent experiencing something similar.


Netflix plans to expand its offering to video games

Netflix snaps up former EA, Oculus exec to lead its video game efforts, with an eye toward offering an Apple Arcade or Xbox Game Pass-like subscription bundle. First reported by Bloomberg, the streaming company has hired Mike Verdu as its vice president of game development reporting to COO Greg Peters.

According to Bloomberg, Netflix could offer games right next to its other streaming content “within the next year” listed as a new genre just like documentaries or anything else, without charging extra for the experience.

Whilst an example of bringing the experience to the customer, it will be interesting to see if avid Netflix users are as excited for gaming as they are film and TV series, or if this is a way to broaden their product offerings to attract new customers and diversify their portfolio.


ECS Shoutouts

Whilst they didn’t make the top five, we couldn’t not mention Richard Branson’s first tourist trip to space and also congratulate Manchester for being crowned the biggest tech hub outside of UK capital.

In other news, the ‘Peeling back the plasters on CX one year on’ webinar on Wednesday was a triumph and we’re amazed at just how much our panellists managed to squeeze into 60mins of time. We will be sharing a link to the recording ASAP so keep your eyes peeled.

We’re also super excited to announce that the DevOps Playground have announced their next session, taking place on July 29th and taking users on a Terraform deep dive. As always, the session is free and open to all! Register here.

That’s all the Friday Tech Round Up news we have this week, make sure to come back next week for even more!

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