Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 77

Marketing 23rd July 2021

Welcome back to the Friday Tech Round Up, where we give you your weekly dose of tech news.

We’ve picked out five pieces of juicy content that hit the news stand this week and chatted about them in our Friday Tech Round Up – covering everything from the latest hacks and greatest AI innovation, to data helping to accelerate technology efforts that combat the climate crisis.

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Friday Tech Round Up

Oh no… you’ve just realised you left your headphones at home, right next to that pile of washing you said you were going to put away five days ago! Well, have no fear, we’ve made it easy for you to scroll through the top five pieces of news below.


Bank of England uneasy about cloud tech

The Bank of England is reportedly at risk of moving too slow in regard to new cloud technologies.

Last week, the central bank raised concerns about putting complete trust in cloud services when they remain dominated by just a few companies – namely Google, Amazon and Microsoft.

Having lots of firms on just one of three providers dangerously over-centralises infrastructure, increasing cybersecurity risks, hacking and outages aimed at a single provider.

If we look back to a few months ago, this is exactly what happened to big name news websites like the BBC and guardian when cloud company Fastly went down.

So, guess the question is, is the fear with the brands themselves, or a lack of governance over cloud providers? Is decentralisation really the answer to greater financial stability?


China accused of yet another cyber-attack

You’ve probably heard that China was accused of a cyber-attack on the Microsoft Exchange servers earlier this week, which affected more than 30,000 organisations globally.

Microsoft blamed a Chinese cyber-espionage group, known as Hafnium, which was reportedly state-sponsored and based in China. Sources say the hack seems to signal a shift from a targeted espionage campaign to a smash-and-grab raid, leading to concerns that Chinese cyber-behaviour is escalating.

Well China has hit back at this accusation, now saying these claims have been fabricated by the US and allies.

I mean, what else are they going to say?


Data has the potential to save earth from climate change

A new organisation has emerged to help accelerate technology efforts to combat the climate crisis. Using a name inspired by Indonesian farmers, Subak will share information and fund hi-tech solutions to fight global heating and combat carbon emissions.

Launched on Monday this week, Subak will select and fund non-profit groups, working around the world, to combat the climate crisis. Early start-ups already helped by Subak include one group that is assisting UK local authorities to boost electric car use, while another is using accurate weather forecasts to make best use of solar power across Britain and limit fossil fuel burning to generate electricity.

These efforts are being launched after a week of headlines highlighting how perilous life on Earth is becoming, as global heating grips the planet.


Capital One adopts cloud-first approach at full force

Capital One plans to hire more than 3,000 technologists by the end of 2021, to help build on its Cloud banking leadership.

According to Chris Nims, the bank’s SVP of technology, Capital One is the first financially regulated company that runs entirely in the cloud after closing its last data centre in 2020.

Praising AWS for being instrumental in enabling the bank holding company to take full advantage of the benefits of being in the cloud, Nims believes it’s cloud-first approach and dedicated Tech College will attract top talent and enable it to continue competing against the likes of Silicon Valley.

This is an interesting story of how one company reinvented its operating model, moving to 100% agile for delivery of software, leveraging micro services and building on open-source software to become a bank that a tech company would build.

We’re excited to see what comes from this predicted influx of new engineers and the innovation it will bring to the banking sector.


Fake online reviews to become illegal

The UK Government has announced their plans to make fake online reviews illegal.

Fake reviews are estimated to influence nearly £23 billion of purchases in the UK every year and in 2019, over a quarter of British retailers encountered positive bogus reviews by their rivals or negative reviews on themselves.

The government wants to make it an offence to pay an individual or company to write or host a bogus review and the new guidelines would also give the CMA the power to impose tougher penalties, such as fines of up to 10 per cent of a firm’s global turnover.

But the question is, how are they actually going to go about policing this?


News that didn’t make the video

Wipro sets aside $1 billion for cloud investment

Indian tech giant Wipro says it has set aside $1 billion for new cloud technology capabilities as well as mergers and acquisitions over the next three years.

The pledge came as the company launched Wipro FullStride Cloud Services as a single point of access for its range of cloud-related capabilities. The hope is this new service will put Wipro in a far stronger position to simplify, orchestrate and accelerate the cloud journey for its clients.

ECS shoutouts:

Our ‘Peeling back the plasters on CX’ webinar last week produced some really great insights. We were joined by ECS, Water Plus, Brainfood Consulting and AWS to speak about lessons learnt during the pandemic, successes and what is on the horizon for CX.

Peeling back the plasters on CX

Watch the CX webinar recording here.

Also, our newest Tech Podcast is out, where we’re joined by Jillian Ellis, Patryk Pilecki and Artur Kondas for a little behind the scenes special on the DevOps playground.

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