Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 78

Marketing 30th July 2021

So much juicy news to squeeze into this week’s Friday Tech Round Up!

Covering everything from new AI regulations to growing demand for tech skills, all the way to technology in the Olympics! You can count on our Friday Tech Round Up for your fill of the latest and greatest tech news.

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Friday Tech Round Up

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Costly new AI law in Europe

A new law designed to regulate Artificial Intelligence in Europe could end up costing the EU economy €31 billion over the next five years – according to the Center for Data Innovation.

The Artificial Intelligence Act, a proposed law put forward by the European Commission, will be the world’s most restrictive regulation of AI.

It will reportedly not only limit AI development and use in Europe but impose significant costs on EU businesses and consumers.

Although, the commission said it disagrees with the findings of the report, saying they appear to be flawed.


Organisations struggle to fill technology roles as a fresh IT skills crisis looms

Jacqueline de Rojas CBE, President of techUK, told Computing that tech hiring is at its highest level for five years, surging past pre-pandemic levels.

Since February 2021, there have been consistently over 100,000 tech job vacancies per week and IT leaders have admitted severe difficulties filling roles with some open for over a year.

The pandemic is yet again to blame, doubling the existing recruitment problem… and with the increase in companies adopting digital-first strategies, this shortage in skills comes as no surprise.


Scientists concerned over impact of space tourism on the environment

This comes just after Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos take to space, but whilst these milestones represent more than just a technical accomplishment, scientists are concerned that the growing number of rocket flights could harm Earth’s atmosphere in the longer term; specifically the ozone layer in the upper atmosphere.

In the same breath, Jeff Bezos has just offered to pay billions of dollars to NASA to ensure his company Blue Origin gets to take part in its upcoming moon missions.

With a potential funding shortfall threatening to derail NASA’s planned moon missions – Nasa might just be considering this offer.

Booming profits for big tech

Apple, Google and Microsoft report booming profits as consumers upgrade their devices, seek cloud storage, and spend more time online during the pandemic.

The companies have reported combined profits of more than $50 billion in the second quarter and currently have a combined market capitalisation of a whopping $6.4 trillion – more than double the value when the coronavirus pandemic started about 16 months ago.

Some great news for the tech companies, but how are they going to keep this momentum going after the pandemic?


Amazing tech in action at this years’ Tokyo Olympics

A year postponement of the Olympics may have been a shock to most, but this has given technologists and innovators additional time to hone the latest technology in action at the games.

Aside from the popular cardboard beds, amazing tech that is being used in this years’ games includes:

  • Biometric data able to see how athletes’ heartbeats change and highlight any adrenaline rushes
  • 3D athlete tracking, giving real time insights and overlay visualisations during sprint events
  • MULTI-CAMera REPLAY systems – provides replays of the action from a multi-angle perspective, enabling fans to have an up-close look at the action and umpires the opportunity to revisit important decisions
  • Cooler clothing developed by Ralph Lauren
  • The all-important Olympic robots

When the stakes are so high and margins so little between top athletes, the use of technology takes away the ambiguity and helps athletes perform at their best. It also gives us viewers an opportunity to understand sports in entirely new ways. A big congratulations to all athletes out in Tokyo and good luck to Team GB!

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