Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 79

Marketing 6th August 2021

Here we go again! Another Friday Tech Round Up to sink your teeth into.

What is the Friday Tech Round Up you ask?

Well, the clue is in the name… each week, we say lights, camera, action, and report on the biggest pieces of tech news from the past week. This can be anything from the largest players in the tech industry going green, to the biggest hack of the century!

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Friday Tech Round Up

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The results are in!

In May 2021 over 80,000 developers told the Stack Overflow Developer Survey how they learn and level up, which tools they’re using, and what they want.

A few of the results included:

  • 60% of developers learned how to code online
  • AWS maintains its lead as the most widely used cloud platform
  • 81% of developers are employed full-time – a decrease from 83% in 2020

Want more industry insights? Check out the survey.


Zoom in hot water for lying about encryption

The company is set to pay $85 million lying about encryption to users. Apparently, they’ve been sending data to Facebook and Google without consent and have breached the legal definition of ‘end-to-end encryption’.

In addition to payments, Zoom has agreed to over a dozen major changes to its practices, designed to improve meeting security, bolster privacy disclosures, and safeguard consumer data.


The Ministry of Defence recruits hackers

For the first time in the MoD’s history, the organisation is paying hackers to uncover IT flaws… but it’s not what it sounds.

These hackers are ‘ethical’ hackers that help organisations to fix gaps in their security before a real threat comes around the corner. Christine Maxwell, the MOD’s chief information security officer, described the effort as an…

“Essential step in reducing cyber risk and improving resilience.”

We all know cybercrime is on the rise, so it’s great to see some proactive action and safeguarding with the use of crowdsourced pen-testing.


A round of applause for Dropbox!

Dropbox Data Centres have achieved their 100% renewable energy goal in the space of little over a year since it first announced the green commitment.

The company is now able to say to its customers that if they store their data on its servers, they will not be leaving a carbon footprint behind!

According to the DropBox team, they are…

“Actively partnering with public utilities and landlords, as well as cloud partners, to make sure they’re meeting these goals globally.”


Are we starting to see the acceleration of B2B AI innovation?

AI has been around for two decades, and whilst recent data supports AI sceptics, a new article on Tech Crunch suggests what we’ve witnessed is simply the first phase in the evolution of enterprise AI.

The article argues that companies on the leading edge of AI innovation have advanced to the next generation already and are set to define the coming decade of big data, analytics and automation.


News that came after filming


Old computers are costing the government £2.3bn a year

The government reportedly spends a whopping £4.7bn a year on IT across all departments, and £2.3bn of that goes on patching up systems – some of which date back 30 years or more.

The Cabinet Office said it was taking action to reduce the government’s reliance on outdated technology, but they could end up spending between £13bn and £22bn over the next five years on obsolete systems.

Some of these systems even ‘fail to meet even the minimum cyber-security standards… making them one of the greatest barriers to civil service innovation’.


ECS shoutouts

First up is our very own Jason Man who has been featured in a Computing article this week, which talks about the value of DevOps and how these practices have allowed organisations to innovate quickly during the pandemic.

Also, Ely Tovee and Andrew Tebb have been doing a deeper dive into our Friday Tech Round Up news, discussing everything from AI to space tourism on our Tech³ Podcast.

And lastly, congratulations to everyone who got their hands on Microsoft’s new cloud PC Windows 365 service before free trials were paused due to demand. Let’s hope more capacity becomes available soon!

That’s all the Friday Tech Round Up news we have this week, make sure to come back next week for even more!

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