Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 80

Louise Fenn 13th August 2021

Welcome back to another Friday Tech Round Up recap!

What is the Friday Tech Round Up you ask?

Each week, we say lights, camera, action and report on the top five pieces of tech news from across the globe. Covering everything from AI taking over the planet and changes in regulation, to tech giants going green and robots tackling climate change.

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Friday Tech Round Up

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Which Cloud companies made the Forbes list?

Forbes has ranked what they call the best, brightest and most valuable companies in the private Cloud sector.

These companies were selected for growth, sales, valuation and culture plus a reputation score and include names such as Canva, HashiCorp and GitLab.

Make sure to check out the full list.


Microsoft is protesting after Amazon won a $10 billion NSA cloud contract

After spending years battling over the Defence Department’s $10 billion JEDI cloud services contract, Microsoft and Amazon are now fighting over another government deal.

Microsoft is challenging the decision, saying NSA didn’t conduct a proper evaluation. If the agency had, Microsoft says it would have been picked over AWS.


AI is helping to fight crime!

A third of finance firms have accelerated their use of AI to detect money laundering.

In the UK, the National Crime Agency (NCA) estimates that money laundering costs the country’s economy £24bn each year.

In response, a third of finance firms are reportedly accelerating the use of AI and ML in their Anti Money Laundering (AML) strategies to fight the growing problem.


Interest in Computing on the rise

The number of students taking A-level computing rose in 2021 to nearly 14,000, compared with 12,428 the previous year.

But the subject is still more popular with boys than with girls – with nearly five times the number of boys taking the subject than girls.

Julia Adamson, the director of education at BCS, hopes this gradual increase in girls taking computing may signal an increase in diverse workforces in the future.

Could this be a sign that the investment into making a career in tech more attractive is actually starting to work? Potentially closing that skills shortage gap?


Cybercrime payment figures released

Ransomware demands and payments have hit new records, with the average ransom paid by victim organisations increasing by 82% since 2020 to a record $570,000, according to Unit 42 security consulting group.

Unit 42 also noted the increasing prevalence of double extortion tactics, whereby ransomware gangs steal and threaten to leak data in addition to encrypting it as a shaming tactic.


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