Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 82

Marketing 27th August 2021

Welcome back to another Friday Tech Round Up!

This week we’re back in front of the camera, giving you the latest and greatest pieces of tech news from the past week.

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Friday Tech Round Up

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Microsoft Power Apps misconfigurations expose millions of records

Multiple data leaks took place as a result of weak default configurations on Microsoft Power Apps portals, leading to more than a thousand web apps accessible to anyone who found them.

According to researchers at UpGuard, the leaks exposed 38 million records online, including data from job application portals, employee databases, Covid-19 contact tracing platforms and vaccination sign-ups.

It also affected a total of 47 organisations, exposing information like peoples’ phone numbers, home addresses, US social security numbers and Covid-19 vaccination statuses.


Happy birthday to Linux

Linux has reached its 30th birthday! Starting from just a bedroom project, Linux now dominates the supercomputer world, with 100% market share.

According to Google, the Linux kernel is at the heart of more than three billion active devices running Android, the most-used operating system in the world.

Linux also powers the vast majority of web-facing servers, is used more than Microsoft Windows on Microsoft’s own Azure cloud and then there are the embedded electronics, Internet-of-Things spaces and other areas…


Conversational intelligence to be developed

Level AI, an early-stage start-up, has landed a $13M Series A to build conversational intelligence for customer service.

Reportedly the solution involves several activities: understanding the nature of the conversation in real time, taking that information and running it against workflows, and finally using all that conversational data to help companies learn from all this activity.

“We now have all this call data, email data, chat data, and we can look at it through a new lens to train agents better and provide insights to other aspects of the business-like product managers and so on”. – Level AI founder, Ashish Nagar


Elon Musk sees a future with the Tesla Bot

Tesla has started hiring roboticists for its humanoid robot project to become a new vehicle for its AI technology.

Elon Musk said that the Tesla Bot will be geared toward doing “repetitive and boring tasks.” Like popping to the shop to grab your groceries and support manufacturing operators.

This is all theory though. Telsa haven’t actually started to build anything as of yet, but say that the Tesla Bot will be friendly and be able to navigate through a world built for humans.


Tech companies to help US cybersecurity

Tech companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft have promised to help bolster US cybersecurity after a meeting with President Joe Biden on Wednesday.

The pledges vary by company but range from spending billions on cyber infrastructure to offering supply-chain aid and education.

“The reality is, most of our critical infrastructure is owned and operated by the private sector, and the federal government can’t meet this challenge alone” – President Joe Biden.


ECS Shoutouts

In our latest blog, Eloisa Tovee looks under the hood of these legacy systems, exploring why half of government spending on computers is dedicated to keeping old systems going.

We’re also recruiting for our next ECS Digital Engineering Academy. This is a fully paid, 3-month intense training course that helps fast track individuals into a career in tech – and it only comes round twice a year! If this sounds up your street but you want to learn a little more, check out The Academy episode on the Tech3 Podcast.

And that’s it. That’s all the Friday Tech Round Up news we have this week. Make sure to come back next week for even more!

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