Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 83

Marketing 6th September 2021

Welcome back to another Friday Tech Round Up!

For the die-hard Friday Tech Round Up fans out there, you will have noticed that we don’t have our usual Friday Tech Round Up recording. Fear not, we will return behind the camera next week. In the meantime, you can explore this week’s news right here or jump over to the Tech³ Podcast for Andy Tebb and Eloisa Tovee’s thoughts on what we uncovered in the world of tech over the past seven days.

Here we go…


UK to rewrite laws that could risk data arrangement with the EU

The EU Commission has warned that it will closely monitor any changes to the UK’s data rules, and will cancel its data-sharing agreement with London if new rules pose a threat to the privacy of EU citizens.

The UK government said it would adopt a ‘common sense’ approach going forward, to help secure new data arrangements with the US, Australia and other nations to break down barriers and boost trade after Brexit.


WhatsApp has been issued second-largest GDPR fine of €225m

The fine relates to an investigation which began in 2018, about whether WhatsApp had been transparent enough about how it handles information.

The issues involved were highly technical, including whether WhatsApp supplied enough information to users about how their data was processed and if its privacy policies were clear enough.

Although, WhatsApp said it disagrees with the decision, and the severity of the fine, and plans to appeal.


Collector buys fake Banksy NFT for £244,000

Apparently, it didn’t look anything like a Banksy, but the fraudulent link convinced Pranksy – who is known for his collection of NBA Top Shots NFTs – to bid the equivalent of £244,000 in cryptocurrency.

He said he knew he had been scammed when the bid was immediately accepted.

The incident undermines one of the things that make NFTs so attractive: the fact that they offer cryptographically secure authenticity.


Top EU lobbying spending

Google, Facebook, Microsoft are the three biggest lobbying spenders in Europe, a study released on Tuesday showed.

The study found that 612 companies, groups and associations spend more than 97 million euros annually lobbying on EU digital economy policies. Google topped spending at 5.75 million euros, followed by Facebook at 5.5 million euros and Microsoft at 5.25 million.

“The rising lobby firepower of big tech and the digital industry as a whole mirrors the sectors’ huge and growing role in society,” the study said.


Digital transformation to be at the core of innovation

A recent study by WNS revealed the necessity of digital transformation strategies in order to boost business productivity and improve the way people work and socialise.

73% of leaders stated that they expect to complete all of their digital transformation programs within five years, whilst 97% declared having started to deliver their digital transformation strategies. However, 90% of enterprises that couldn’t accelerate their digital transformation, due to the pandemic, lost business.


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And that’s it. That’s all the Friday Tech Round Up news we have this week. Make sure to come back next week for even more!

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