Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 86

Marketing 24th September 2021

We’re back with another week of tech news. From tech giants’ race to net-zero and technical bias mitigation measures in AI, to the latest hacktivists on the scene and remote work productivity stats, this week’s Friday Tech Round Up will ensure you’re up to date with the latest changes in the tech space.

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Friday Tech Round Up


1. UK hospital to ‘go green’

New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton plans to run entirely on renewable energy after the green light was given to solar farm.

They will become the first-ever hospital to try this and analysis from the Royal Wolverhampton NHS trust reckons the move could save £15m to £20m over the next 20 years – money which will be put back into frontline healthcare.


2. Remote work productivity concerns

Research suggests that employers worry about remote work productivity, but are failing to invest in tech solutions.

The study was conducted by Opinion Matters and revealed that despite the almost universal acknowledgement of the need to support hybrid working, that only a third (36%) of employers say their organisation has provided the tools and tech to maintain employee productivity while working from any location.


3. Race to Zero

 Over a third of major IT firms have signed up to the ‘Race to Zero’ campaign.

Race to Zero is an international alliance committed to mobilising credible climate action to halve global emissions by 2030 and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Adobe and Oracle are among the latest to join the campaign.


4. AI regulation

It has been reported that AI cannot be regulated by technical measures alone.

A report by the European Digital Rights says that any attempt to regulate AI should also move to address the fundamental power imbalances between those who develop or deploy the technology and those who are subject to it.

The report also calls out the EUs “technocratic” approach, which it said was too narrowly focused on implementing technical bias mitigation measures.


5. An Epik data breach

15 million users’ details have been exposed in an Epik breach.

The breach came to light last week after members of hacktivist group, Anonymous, claimed that they were able to compromise Epik systems and obtain gigabytes of data.

The group claimed that they obtained customer payment histories, records of domain purchases and transfers, credentials and employee mailboxes.


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