Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 87

Marketing 1st October 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Friday Tech Round Up where you can pick up the latest and greatest tech news from the past week.

If you’d rather watch this week’s news, click here and enjoy 5 mins with our resident news reporter. Otherwise, skip past the video and jump straight into the headlines.

1. Data Centres could use 70% of Ireland’s electricity by 2030

According to a leading academic, if all the proposed data centres for Ireland were to be connected, they could use as much as 70 per cent of Ireland’s electricity grid capacity in 2030. If you consider that today’s data centres in Ireland currently use 11% of their grid capacity, and the worldwide situation is currently only 2% of electricity is consumed by data centres, the immediate problem seems to be the continued expansion of this sector in Ireland.

You can read more about the committee hearing here.

2. CloudBees has unveiled an end-to-end feature flag control within its software delivery platform

At its flagship event DevOps World 2021, CloudBees announced new capabilities for feature management, including full visibility and control of feature flags throughout the development and release pipelines. These new enhancements lay the foundation for fully integrated feature flags across the CloudBees Platform, enabling enterprise-scale progressive delivery in ways not possible with standalone feature management solutions.

You can catch up on keynotes from the three-day event here.

3. Nationwide launches pre-payment hotline after bank-transfer scams rise sharply during pandemic

In a bid to curb the losses endured from authorised push-payment fraud, which was up 71% in the first half of the year, the UK’s biggest building society has launched a 24/7 scam checker service. They have also warned that the technology, telecoms and social media companies that host these crimes should take more responsibility for stopping scams as the problem reaches “epidemic proportions”.

4. Women in fintech welcome Barclays’ initiative and demand more from the sector

Barclays Bank and US funding platform Anthemis are bringing a US initiative that invests in women in financial technology to the UK and Europe.

Set up in 2019, the hope is this initiative will set up a 30-million-dollar fund to help support female-led fintechs from their earliest stages and also provide additional support via lab teams and office spaces in London.

You can read more about the initiative here.

5. China demands internet companies create governance system for algorithms

A set of guiding opinions on algorithms, issued overnight by nine government agencies, explains that algorithms play a big role in distributing information online and enabling growth of the digital economy.

Machine translations of the opinions reveal Chinese authorities want tech companies to ensure their algorithms are fair, transparent, and protect citizens’ rights, pointing out that algorithms employed online can impact society and financial markets, and need to be politically correct by promoting proper socialist values.

Organisations have been given three years to get this done. Chinese authorities will watch those efforts and will be unsparing when they find either harmful algorithms, or less-than-comprehensive compliance efforts.

Bonus pieces of news:

Robots in couture

Exploring the intersection between technology, design and engineering, the V&A hosted its annual Digital Design Weekend, showcasing interactive installations, robotics, performances, workshops, talks and labs. Over the weekend they displayed a number of cutting-edge projects including Biomimicry worn by the AI artist robot Ai-Da.

Rolls-Royce’s all-electric aircraft completes first flight

Move aside Telsa, there’s a new motor in town! Rolls-Royce achieved a world first after sending ‘Spirit of Innovation’ to the skies for its first 15min flight.

The flight marks the beginning of an intense-flight-testing phase to collect performance data on the aircraft’s electrical power and propulsion system.

See ‘Spirit of Innovation’ takes to the skies here.

ECS Shout-outs

First and foremost, a warm welcome to our next intake of Academy joiners who joined the team yesterday for a three-month program to get them ready for a career in DevOps. We wish them all the best!

Academy 2021

Secondly, a big thank you to all who joined last night’s DevOps Playground – Docker and Podman, twins, rivals or strangers? From what I heard, it was a great success so thanks to everyone who signed into the session with Patryk and the team.

Thank you also to those who took part in this week’s Amazon Connect Immersion Day – we hope you took a lot away from getting some hands-on experience with the Amazon Connect platform and various plugins. If you missed it but are interested in signing up for the next event, keep your eyes peeled as we release dates for 2022.

That’s it, that’s all the news we have this week.

Be sure to come back next Friday for more tech news.

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