Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 88

Marketing 8th October 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Friday Tech Round Up where you can pick up the latest and greatest tech news from the past week – and this week we are getting social!

Not only do we address the three-headed dog in the room – namely the Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram outage, we discuss Twitch’s data breach, Facebook’s whistleblower giving evidence to a parliamentary committee and CloudBees’ latest global c-suite security survey.

If you’d rather a five mins run down of the news, jump over to YouTube and watch Episode 88 of the Friday Tech Round Up here. If you prefer to skim your news, read on…

1. Top story this week – Billions of users were unable to access Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp for hours while the social media giant scrambled to restore services.

Facebook issued a statement on Tuesday confirming that the cause of the outage was a configuration change to the backbone routers that coordinate network traffic between the company’s data centres. This change had essentially told the Border Gateway Protocol through a series of updates that those paths to Facebook no longer existed, bringing Facebook and all of its services to a grinding halt.

One of the reasons it took so long to come back online is due to Facebook staff being unable to access their own communications platform and their own office due to the security pass system being caught up in the outage.

Whilst articles around this story are in abundance, we choose to share the Guardian’s piece which outlines what went wrong and why the outage took so long to fix.


2. Experience Engineering celebrated CX Day by hosting a webinar adeptly named is CX dying.

On the panel was industry pioneers Colin Shaw, Lou Carbone and Joe Pine who walked us through the past, present and future of CX, exploring the notion that CX officers need to face the challenge of becoming leaders in an organisation rather than reporters, as well as re-establishing the moral obligation of a company to put value before profit.

Fortunately, the organisers have since shared a recording of the webinar for you to enjoy in your own time.


3. Whistleblower breaks Facebook secrecy wall, as she claims Facebook is facing moral bankruptcy

Frances Haugen faced Congress early this week to give evidence against the social network for repeatedly prioritising “growth over safety” and its role in “tearing our societies apart”.

Interestingly, Haugen said that Facebook is aware of the harms its platform causes but doesn’t believe dismantling the corporation will do any good, since the algorithms will reportedly “continue to be dangerous even if they’re broken up,”. She acknowledged that the company has “invested more than any other platform” on issues of safety – even if they are often unwilling to ask, “basic questions”.

Whilst they disagreed on most points, the one-paragraph response from Facebook ends in agreement about lawmakers working harder to regulate the internet.


4. CloudBees launched latest global c-suite security survey.

CloudBees set to work, surveying 500 C-suite executives globally about the state of their organization’s software supply chain. Results revealed C-suite executives are giving supply chain security the attention it deserves, but there are red flags. These flags include 64% of respondents saying it would take more than four days to fix a problem, 45% are only half of the way finished securing their software supply chain and almost two-thirds wouldn’t know who to turn to if an issue occurs

If you’re interested in learning more, you can download the report for free and delve into compliance readiness, key vulnerabilities and technical capabilities that hamper software supply chain security.


5. Game streaming service Twitch has become another name on a very long list of data leak victims.

More than 100GB of data was posted online on Wednesday, with some of the documents revealing how much Twitch’s top streamers made via the Amazon-owned company in the past two years. The reason this is such a big deal is due to Twitch famously guarding its operational details with fierce tactics. It also comes at a time when competitors such as YouTube Gaming are offering huge salaries to snap up gaming talent, so the fallout could be significant.

Twitch has confirmed the breach and said it was “working with urgency” to understand the extent of it. 


ECS Shout outs

First up, earlier this week, the Tech³ Podcast team sat down to interview Matthew Skelton – co-author of Team Topologies. The book goes into detail about how Business and Technology Teams can be organised for Fast Flow and the continuous and sustainable delivery of value, and I have no doubt that Ben and Andy made sure the hour delivered great value too. We hope to release the episode over the next few weeks so keep your eyes pealed.

You can catch up on previous episodes of the Tech³ Podcast here.

We’re also super excited to announce that the next DevOps Playground is now live 🐼 As the name suggests, this hands-on session with Stateful apps on Kubernetes with Ondat (formerly StorageOS) will enable attendees to discover the black magic behind StatefulSets and learn how to use them to deploy your preferred applications into Kubernetes, without any compromise on the data service layer.

If you are in the London area, this event will be hosted LIVE in the 2 More London office – complete with Pizza. If you are further afield, fear not! The Playground will be live streamed to the ECS YouTube channel, with the same remote hands-on tech support we’ve offered during the pandemic. Sign up here.

Looking for a new role in the world of digital transformation? As ECS continues to expand into the product and platform engineering space, we are super excited to be hiring for a number of roles to bring more engineers along for the journey with us. If you are interested in learning more about ECS – soon to be GlobalLogic UK – jump over to our social channels, website or straight into our recruitment site (here) to find out more about what roles are available.


That’s it, that’s all the news we have this week.

Be sure to come back next Friday for more tech news.



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