Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 89

Marketing 15th October 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Friday Tech Round Up where you can pick up the latest and greatest tech news from the past week – and this week we’ve been spoilt for choice!

Today we discuss the effectiveness of facial-recognition technology in the hands of the UK police force, Ondat adds key executives and doubles their team, FinTechs resistance to adopt open-source as part of their overall digital ecosystem, Google unintentionally putting a target on their own backs and Lindy Cameron at the NCSC warns ransomware is the most immediate danger to UK businesses.

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Friday Tech Round Up Episode 89

If you prefer to skim your news, read on…


Should facial recognition be banned in our police force?

Experts giving evidence to the House of Lords have said that the use of facial recognition technology in the UK police should be banned, calling it disproportionate and ineffective.

Silkie Carlo, director of civil liberties campaign group Big Brother Watch, said that in five years the met police had only achieved 11 positive matches and generated 93% false positive matches – raising the question, is it really worth it?


Ondat grows company

Ondat, Formerly Known as StorageOS, has added key executives and doubled their team in 2021.

The leading Kubernetes-native storage platform provider announced that the company has seen 100% team growth which is set to continue based on strong demand from customers.

Richard Olver has also been appointed as the new chief revenue officer alongside James Brown as head of online platforms and Cheryl Hung, their first appointment to its new Advisory Board.


Fintech leaders are to implement more open-source software and strategies.

A recent study by Fintech Open Source Foundation revealed that many fintech leaders don’t fully grasp the role of open source in their business and governance strategy, with only 8% of respondents having actual policies that encourage the use of open-source and only 35% knew if their enterprise had an Open Source Program.

However, it was reported that if financial industries commit to open source, it will have a positive impact on their business.


Google has confirmed that Chrome has four new high rates security threats

Chrome’s 2.6 billion users again need to be on high alert, for the second time in a week, because Google has confirmed multiple new High-level hacks of the browser.

In response, Google has released a critical update but the company has warned that the rollout will be staggered, so not everyone will be able to protect themselves immediately. Take a look at the Forbes article to find out how you can check if you’re protected.


Ransomware is the biggest threat

Lindy Cameron, the chief executive of the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre has warned that Ransomware is the most immediate danger to UK businesses.

She delivered this warning at the Chatham House’s cyber conference, noting some major cyberattacks over the past year, like the SolarWinds and Colonial Pipeline attack.

Also stating to expect ransomware to continue to be an attractive route for criminals, saying countries must fight together to ensure no place becomes a safe haven.


News that came after filming


GitLab raises IPO range, targeting valuation of as much as $11B

This week, GitLab updated its IPO filing to include a higher expected pricing interval. The unicorn now anticipates that it will sell shares in its IPO for between $66 and $69 apiece, up from a previous range of $55 to $60 – quite the jump!


ECS shoutouts

If you enjoyed our last DevOps Playground, don’t forget to sign up for our next one on Thursday 28th October. This will be a containers-focussed session delivered by OnDat in our London office – not forgetting there will be copious amounts of free pizza on offer and the option to join virtually.

Also, if you’re interested in taking a deeper dive into these news pieces check out our Tech³  podcast with Ely Tovee and Andy Tebb, where they discuss opinions and industry insights.

That’s it, that’s all the news we have this week. Be sure to come back next Friday for more tech news.

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