Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 90

Marketing 22nd October 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Friday Tech Round Up – your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

Today we discuss more DevOps training initiatives, Facebook investing in the EU and a potential rebrand, a supermarket giant’s first ever checkout-free shop, investment into innovative tech in farming and a slightly controversial feature that Microsoft Teams is to introduce.

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Friday Tech Round Up Episode 90



The Linux Foundation is to introduce a new DevOps Bootcamp

As the demand for DevOps practices is increasing, the company believes it is essential to train the next generation and talents with the best DevOps skills.

The Company has partnered with the Continuous Delivery Foundation (CDF) and the bootcamp will allow existing professionals to update their skills and give more opportunities for young talents.


Facebook invests in the EU and considers a rebrand

Facebook is to hire 10,000 in the EU to work on metaverse, which is an online world where people can game, work and communicate in a virtual environment, often using VR headsets – giving us real matrix vibes.

Facebook has said investing in the EU offered many advantages, including access to a large consumer market, first-class universities and high-quality talent.

This comes just as Facebook are reportedly to rebrand with a company name after complaints about how it handles user safety.


Checkout-free stores in the UK

Supermarket giant Tesco launches its first checkout-free GetGo store in London.

The FTSE 100 company is working with Trigo, which builds AI-powered products for retail stores, to introduce cameras and weight-sensors that can see what people have bought, and help the retailer calculate the bill.

Unlike previous cash-less stores, the GetGo shop will only offer a checkout-free experience, so shoppers will need to have the app to make purchases.


Investment into farming tech

The Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) and UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) have partnered to launch a funding programme aimed at driving the adoption of innovative technology in the agricultural sector.

They will make £17.5m available for the first round of the three funds and have already opened applications for the initiative. Winning ideas include a fruit-scouting robot that is able to monitor the growth-stages of crops, like determining fruit ripeness, size and optimal picking time, to allow farmers to maximise production and yields.


Microsoft has introduced a new and slightly controversial feature to Teams

Microsoft Teams chat supervisors will now be able to delete messages. This was initially aimed at protecting children however, this message-deletion feature has general availability, so any organisation will be able to adopt it – perhaps leaving employees feeling like their speech is being policed.

This raises the question, who will have the authority to decide what is inappropriate or off-topic?


ECS shoutouts

Firstly, it was refreshing to see Jes Staley, Group CEO at Barclays share his first LinkedIn post earlier in the week. Jes says how he will be using the platform to explain what Barclays thinks about some of these big shifts, the actions they are taking, and how colleagues are thinking about the overall strategic direction of the bank. If you’re interested in innovation in the finance space, it might be worth giving him a follow!

Next up is Hitachi who has released their Sustainability Report for 2021. This report is a whopping 189 pages and wastes no time outlining its commitment to all 17 of the UN-established Sustainable Development Goals.

Not forgetting, the DevOps playground next week on the 27th Oct at 6.00pm which will be our first in-person event since February 2020 and our first hybrid event ever! Hosting this month is Ondat, the Kubernetes-native platform for running stateful applications previously known as StorageOS. It promises to be a corker, with lots of free pizza (in-person event only sadly) and hands-on tech support whether you log in digitally or show up at the 2 More London office.

And that’s it! Make sure to come back next week for even more tech news!

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