Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 92

Marketing 5th November 2021

Hello and welcome back to another episode of the Friday Tech Round Up – your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

This week we discuss HSBC’s multi-year DevOps deal with CloudBees, Microsoft’s new 3D avatars, the decline in bank branch visits making way for FinTech, DBS Bank tackling climate change following COP26 and a report by Invicti Security that shows DevOps and security professionals under increased pressure.

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Friday Tech Round Up Episode 92

HSBC and CloudBees do business

HSBC has signed a multi-year DevOps deal with CloudBees to standardise software delivery for over 23,000 developers globally.

Ian Haynes, Chief Technology Officer of shared services and cloud at HSBC says as customers shift more of their banking online, software is at the heart of everything they do at the bank.

The agreement includes all components of the CloudBees platform including continuous integration, continuous delivery, release orchestration, and feature management capabilities.


Microsoft gets ready for the metaverse

Microsoft is enhancing its push to the metaverse by adding 3D avatars to its Teams system.

It says its “Mesh” platform will let people meet in the virtual space, with or without a virtual reality headset and the new features will be available in the first half of 2022.

This comes just after Meta, formerly Facebook, showcased similar virtual chat rooms as part of its rebrand.


Branch bank visits decline further, making way for FinTech

A survey has revealed that a quarter of people have no intention of visiting a bank branch again after experiencing the benefits of digital banking when branches were closed during the pandemic.

The survey also revealed that customers are content with digital banking services and are willing to share their personal data in exchange for personalised services.

This means the big high street banks that are sceptical about adopting a digital mindset, risk their customers jumping ship to modern FinTech banks.


DBS Bank tackles climate change

Following COP26, DBS Bank is to launch a tool on its banking app that allows clients to track their carbon footprint.

The calculator will be able to automatically generate carbon footprint profiles and insights based on DBS credit and debit card spends. The bank is also developing a function that will let customers buy carbon credits to offset their carbon footprint.


DevOps teams under pressure and missing vital security steps

It was recently found out that DevOps teams are overwhelmed by the pressure of securing their organisations.

A report from Invicti Security showed that 78% of DevOps and security professionals have experienced increased stress levels over the last year and one in five respondents have considered leaving their jobs due to that.

A reason for this increased pressure is the continued cyber security skills shortage – and as a result, around 70% of respondents frequently or always skipped security steps when delivering projects.


ECS shoutouts:

Tuesday next week, a group of ECS’ers will be attending the European Software Testing Awards, where we are finalists in two categories. We’d just like to say a huge good luck to the team and to all other finalists – it’s sure to be an exciting evening.

Also, next Friday the ECS team are taking part in an End Youth Homelessness sleep out. That’s right, our colleagues will be ditching their beds to raise funds for this amazing charity that works to end youth homelessness on a national scale to give vulnerable young people a future. If you’re interested in taking part from home or would like to donate, make sure to visit the website.

And that’s it! Make sure to come back next week for even more tech news.

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