Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 96

Marketing 3rd December 2021

Curious to know what’s been happening in the tech space? Well, look no further… our Friday Tech Round Up is your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

This week, we take a look at new algorithm standards, tech that is battling methane emissions and AWS’ re:Invent – just to name a few.

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Friday Tech Round Up Episode 96

UK Gov commits to tech transparency

The government is aiming to make its ‘black box’ algorithms more transparent.

Amid concerns that biased algorithms are impacting the way Britons live, the government has launched an algorithmic transparency standard.

Because people can rarely see the logical processes used to generate these answers, flaws in processes can go missed, having a major impact on people’s lives.


MI6 and tech firms need to work together

Richard Moore, MI6 chief, is seeking help from tech firms to counter hostile state threats.

Unlike a James Bond film, MI6 cannot develop all the technologies it needs in-house, so need to work closely with tech firms to keep pace with developments in hostile states that are investing heavily in new technologies like quantum computing, AI and synthetic biology.


New CEO of Twitter

Jack Dorsey has stepped down as CEO of Twitter and passed the baton to executive Parag Agrawal.

He has been with the company for 10 years, most recently as Chief Technology Officer, and is expected to largely to pick up where Dorsey left off, continuing to fight for users being lured away by competitors like TikTok and Instagram.


AWS’ signature event

AWS re:Invent is in full swing, celebrating its tenth year with marching bands and new swag in sunny Las Vegas. For those who couldn’t make it in person, the AWS team gave free access for people to virtually attend their live keynotes and leadership sessions.

TechRadar did a great job at capturing all the latest news and announcements from the 2021 keynote – dropping highlights into an online blog as they happened.

Amongst the highlights already announced was the launch of Graviton3, the most powerful CPU ever launched by AWS, and an overview from the CEO of AWS at what the future looks like.


Sparks fly to reduce methane emissions

A Norwegian technology company has been working to cut methane emissions by focussing on slurry. The company has been trying to reduce the amount of methane slurry emits by zapping it with artificial lightning!

The company told Reuters that tests showed their tech reduces methane emissions by 99% and also, ammonia emissions by 95% – something the EU has described as one of the main sources of air pollution.


ECS shoutouts:

We’d like to shoutout Neal Makh, one of our newest Associate Consultants, for doing an ECS Instagram takeover this week. Neal has travelled across the pond to attend AWS’s signature event and has been provided us with updates on keynote speakers, breakout sessions and everything else Las Vegas has to offer.

Also, for those that missed it, our third podcast celebrating International Men’s Day is live – where we have an open and honest conversation with our CEO, Mark Farrington, about the tough choices he’s made in his career to put family first. Stay tuned for our fourth and final episode.

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