Friday Tech Round Up – Episode 98

Marketing 17th December 2021

Curious to know what’s been happening in the tech space? Well, look no further… our Friday Tech Round Up is your weekly dose of the latest and greatest tech news!

This week, we take a look at supposedly the worst cyber security flaw ever discovered, calls for an online safety bill overall and a roadmap to an AI eco-system in the UK – just to name a few.

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Friday Tech Round Up 98

Companies on high alert after a cyber security flaw

A new vulnerability, named Log4Shell, is being touted as one of the worst cybersecurity flaws to have been discovered.

The vulnerability is based on an open-source logging library used in most applications by enterprises and even government agencies.

The flaw in Log4J allows attackers to easily gain remote control over computers running apps in Java, a popular programming language. A new patch for the near-ubiquitous Java log4j logging library was released on December 15th since the prior patch – thought to handle the critical Log4Shell vulnerability – turned out to be incomplete.


Could your phone be at risk of a cyber attack?

Researchers at the University of Darmstadt, Brescia, CNIT, and the Secure Mobile Networking Lab, have published a paper that proves it’s possible to extract passwords and manipulate traffic on a WiFi chip by targeting a device’s Bluetooth component.

Whilst today’s electronic devices have separate Bluetooth, WiFi and LTE components, each with its own dedicated security implementation, these components often share the same resources. These shared resources can act as bridges for launching lateral privilege escalation attacks across wireless chip boundaries.


Vaccination website crashes

Thousands of people trying to book their Covid booster jabs in England led to the NHS website crashing.

This comes soon after the prime minister, Boris Johnson, announced he was bringing the deadline to offer all over 18s the covid booster forward by one month, to the end of December. Ordering lateral flow kits from the UK government website was also temporarily suspended amid high demand.


MPs propose more measures to keep people safe online

Number four, MPs are calling for an online safety bill overhaul to prevent children from accessing adult content, vulnerable people from being encouraged to self-harm and negligent tech chiefs from failing to protect users.

The Committee’s report says sweeping changes are needed to tackle an industry that has become the ‘land of the lawless’.

A wide-ranging series of proposals include creating a digital ombudsman to deal with complaints against platforms, introducing codes of conduct that tackle “rabbit hole” algorithms and requiring tech companies to implement mechanisms to deal with harmful anonymous accounts.


New steps to create trustworthy AI tech

Centre for Data Ethics and Innovation (CDEI) has published a roadmap to a ‘world-leading’ AI assurance ecosystem in the UK.

The roadmap was first outlined as part of a commitment in the UKs National AI Strategy to try to create trustworthy, effective, and compliant AI technologies in the country.

This will reportedly also help regulate the threats posed by various AI tech and encourage the adoption of risk-free solutions in multiple industries.


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Friday Tech Round Up – Sanata Run

Also, one of our ECS’ers, Eloisa Tovee, took a trip to the true hub of innovation in the North. Yes, we’re obviously talking about Scotland, a place where innovation is booming. Discover how you can be the forefront of this digital innovation without the need to relocate to the big smoke by checking out Ely’s blog.

Sadly, this is our last Friday Tech Round Up before Christmas, so we’d like to say a big Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Whatever you’re doing, whether that be out celebrating, or just taking this time to re-charge, make sure to stay safe.

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