From full body scans to full stack development

Eloisa Tovee 2nd February 2020

Hi, my name is Ayush, and I am now a Delivery Consultant at ECS Digital. 

Prior to entering ECS Digital, my undergraduate degree was in biomedical sciences, and I had high hopes of either becoming a Doctor or Dentist (along with 99% of the other Biomedical students!). After my first clinical work experience whilst at university, I couldn’t see myself doing the job whilst being happy and satisfied with my line of work. I was quite simply more in love with the lifestyle the medical industry provided rather than the actual day to day work.

In 2016, I graduated from Queen Mary University, naively confident that I would quickly find work. I wanted something that was intellectually challenging, whilst having a high level of human contact – easier said than done! After a bit of searching, I stumbled across the world of tech. Technology as a whole is an ever expanding symbiote enhancing every industry, providing far superior levels of products and services than were ever delivered before. Whilst I knew this was the industry I had to enter, as far as I was concerned, to be a coder within the tech industry was something that required a degree. Having just finished one, I decided to put a pin in that idea and remembered some previous summer jobs I had done which mainly comprised around sales.

I shortly landed a Business development role within a small tech startup comprised of six people. Sales were going well, I was getting more and more recognised by the CEO for my performance and as we expanded, was promoted to the position of Business Development Manager. It was all great on paper, apart from one small thing, I was way more interested in what the coders were doing.

It was as if they were part of this very cool world consisting of continuous problem solving, creativity and innovation. Without the application, our company simply wouldn’t exist! Expressing how much I would love to be in the line of work that the developers were in, one of them told me how he had graduated in History, went into a coding bootcamp and gained vital skills to become a front-end developer.

Taking the advice of the developer, I joined Flatiron bootcamp. Within 15 weeks I was proficient enough to make full stack web applications using languages such as Javascript and Ruby, as well React and Ruby on Rails frameworks. One worry I had after the bootcamp was how a lot of developer jobs lacked a great level of human interaction. On one hand, sales was meeting the requirements of solving human level problems, but wasn’t intellectually challenging enough. On the other hand, development was giving me the intellectual challenge, but not meeting my desire for social interaction. I needed something that provided both.

Luckily for me, I met a good friend shortly after graduating from Flatiron who works at ECS Digital. He told me all about what he does on his job, how it sounded like exactly what I was looking for, and how there’s an incredible Academy that trains participants with everything they need to know in order to become well-rounded consultants. The fact that it was fully paid was just a bonus. I HAD to get this position. So, I immediately stopped looking around the market and went tunnel vision on this opportunity. Two weeks later, after my interviews and technical tests, I got the job!

One thing I find incredible about the Academy, is the wealth of information and skills I have gained within such a short space of time. To be honest, I would go as far as to say that the education I have received from ECS Digital has been the most active and immersive that I have ever received from any educational experience in the past.

Whilst at the Academy, we have been taught a range of soft skills such as presentational, consultancy and business writing, as well as been thrown into real-world scenarios that we as consultants are likely to face throughout our careers. We have taken deep dives into a vast array of technical subjects too, including DevOps essentials, Cloud basics, Testing, Jenkins, Scripting, Containers, Java, Javascript and many more. Of course, with such a wide range of topics to learn within such a short space of time this brings its own set of challenges, one of which being time-management.

Since starting this course, I have had to get really good with prioritising tasks and areas to focus on in order to get maximum benefits in minimal time. It can be easy to start focussing immensely on any one area and spend hours just learning a lot of things that may not actually be applicable in the real-world. So, a word of advice to anyone who joins the Academy in the future would be to make yourself open to conversing with your colleagues who have way more experience, ask them what areas are crucial to fully understand right away and what areas are great to learn along the way. Getting the foundations right are crucial to hold up the rest of your knowledge which will be resting upon it.

For my future within ECS Digital, I just want to keep learning and getting thrown into new challenging areas. Since being young it’s something that I thrive upon, but it’s something every member of the Academy appreciates. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that the Academy has been a huge growth period, not just professionally but also in our personal lives. All the members in the Academy have been a great support group. We are there to help each other through struggles and to get through any challenges thrown our way. 

Right now, I am just enjoying the process and have started to think about what technical route I would like to focus on for the future – it’s just so difficult because I love all the topics we have been taught so far! However, with the help of my line manager and the incredibly open colleagues at ECS Digital, I am confident that we will make the best decision for me.

Finally, I would like to end off by giving a huge shoutout to all the ECS Digital members who have taught us within the academy, all the members who have offered advice and help throughout the course, my line manager for being incredibly supportive and ensuring we have everything we need, and all the members of ECS Digital for this opportunity. After a long while, I wake up everyday excited for my day ahead, and that’s due to the opportunity that ECS Digital has provided me.


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