Hands-on with Aqua Container Security

Melvin Cheng 4th September 2019

Shift Left security early into the DevOps pipeline with Jenkins and Aqua.

Aqua Container Security

With the growing adoption of Containers comes a proportional concern for security. The Aqua Microscanner is an open-sourced tool that can check container images for vulnerabilities.

Led by our very own Melvin Cheng, our latest DevOps Playground in Singapore was presented with our partners Aqua Security. We went through how to set up a simple Jenkins job to build a docker image and scan it for vulnerabilities using the Aqua Microscanner plugin. We’ll then address the vulnerabilities before re-scanning the image.

Aqua Container Security

The steps needed to complete this Playground can be found on our Github repo:


The Playground recording is also available, just head over to the ECS Digital YouTube channel using the link below:


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