It’s lift-off for ECS RocketCX

Emma Frame 19th February 2020

Enterprise-grade Amazon Connect/ServiceNow CTI Integration.

Hot off the launch pad, RocketCX, the industry’s first consumption based Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) for ServiceNow and Amazon Connect, has landed safely in the ServiceNow store and AWS marketplace.

Propelling cloud contact centres into a new stratosphere, RocketCX makes it easy for ServiceNow customers to access a comprehensive set of Amazon Connect telephony controls directly from their ServiceNow platform.

The RocketCX connector turbocharges your contact centre agents’ productivity, ultimately improving the customer experience too. Average call handling times are reduced by up to 60 seconds and call costs by up to 20%.

Screen pops in ServiceNow give the agent access to the caller’s details and any open incidents or cases ahead of speaking to them. Call logs are created automatically and linked to a full recording of the call, while support for personalised Interactive Voice Response (IVR) ensures improved caller experiences.

RocketCX also features intuitive dashboards that collate and display Contact Centre data from Amazon Connect (e.g. number of calls, abandoned calls, call waiting times), and because RocketCX supports native ServiceNow reporting, it’s quick and easy to create new dashboards and reports too.

RocketCX is available for ServiceNow IT Service Management, HR Service Management and Customer Service Management. Head to the ServiceNow store or AWS marketplace now and download the software for free in a matter of minutes.

Alternatively, if you are yet to embark on your Amazon Connect journey and would like to find out how we can help, please contact ECS on

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