Jenkins World travels to Europe!

Billy Michael 24th October 2018

We’re back at DevOps World / Jenkins World, and this time; we’re in Europe! The first location for Jenkins World Europe is Nice, France and we’re really excited to be in such an amazing city. We’re here to provide official CloudBees training to attendees as well as network at the expo to hear stories from individuals about their DevOps successes and #DevOps moments.

Jenkins World

Billy Michael & Abhaya Ghatkar provided Jenkins Pipeline Intermediate training to over 40 attendees during the first two days of the event. This day long course was designed to build upon the Jenkins Pipeline Fundamentals course. It focused on declarative pipeline using blue ocean and how Jenkins can be further enhanced with the usage of shared libraries. In addition, we discussed new features, best practises and how to ensure the students can make the most out of their pipelines with the usage of new features. The training provided the students with interactive labs to complete during the course.

These training courses also allowed us to interact with students from companies of all sizes from all over the globe. This provided us with a way to hear the unique problems users are encountering on a day-to-day basis and provide advice on how the knowledge from the course can help them to resolve these issues.

The theme of this year’s Jenkins World remains the same as last year; Transform. This shows CloudBees clearly have a commitment to building a better product for the future and feel that their transformation is still ongoing. This was showcased by the keynote presentation provided by Kohsuke Kawaguchi, where he refers to the “Superpowers” CloudBees and the community have been working hard to provide for its users.

These superpowers include:

  1. Jenkins Pipeline
  2. Jenkins Evergreen
  3. Configuration as Code
  4. Cloud Native Jenkins
  5. Jenkins X

For more information about some of these topics, please refer to our blog post from Jenkins World San Francisco where we have spoken in more details about the keynote.

In addition to the keynotes there are a number of talks spread throughout the two days which are provided by CloudBees and its partners. Some of the topics which interest us are:

  • Jenkins Configuration as Code
  • DevOps performance management with DevOptics
  • DevOps at scale within the Enterprise
  • Jenkins X: Continuous Delivery for Kubernetes
  • AWS Keynote
  • 10 things we all do, but shouldn’t do with Jenkins

We’re pleased to have been a part of Jenkins World’s first trip to Europe. So far it has provided a great platform for networking, interesting talks and the ability to meet other companies who are here showcasing their latest offering.

We look forward to enjoying the rest of the event and hope to see you all again next year is Lisbon, Portugal!

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