My experience on the Training Academy

Eloisa Tovee 18th January 2020

I’ve learned more in two months at ECS Digital than I have learned in the entire four years at my previous job. ECS Digital is an awesome company, with awesome people and awesome opportunities.

My name’s Petra and here’s my experience of the ECS Digital Training Academy…

Before I started to work in the technology industry, I worked as a flight attendant for Qatar Airways in the Middle East. I really enjoyed visiting many beautiful countries and meeting interesting people from all over the word. However, after four years I realised that I had travelled enough and the lifestyle of traveling around was beginning to become monotonous. It may be an amazing experience for most, but I’ve always known myself to thrive in challenging and thought-provoking environments – and the life of a flight attendant provided neither.

The simple reality was that the job was making me feel brain-dead. I was performing repetitive tasks all day long and night, serving meals and drinks to passengers. I felt that I wasn’t being challenged enough and didn’t see the potential for growth within the company. What potential there was would have taken me many years that I wasn’t willing to give up. I missed the thrill of learning and the excitement of putting new skills into action.

Finding myself desperate for a challenge, I decided to move to London to learn to become a software developer. After digging through forums trying to find out where to start, I dove in to the industry through online courses and then attended a software development bootcamp to learn industry best practices with 20 other like-minded people. After graduating, I was looking for digital consultancy jobs and found out about ECS Digital. I was amazed by the three-month Academy training program; a unique opportunity that promised to teach me about DevOps principles, tools, technologies, automation and consulting skills – and fully paid! I applied immediately and haven’t looked back.

The work is never boring here. Everything they promised happened and you get the opportunity and time to be great at your job and what you are passionate about.

I especially enjoyed the workshops! Besides gaining skills in a wide range of technologies, I got the hottest tips and most relevant advice from some pretty inspiring people in the industry – such an amazing learning experience.

Something I learned very quickly about development is that the coding bootcamp aggressive learning approach doesn’t end there. I continue to have an overwhelming amount of information thrown at me all the time, but, am encouraged to remain determined, ask questions and figure things out and am currently working towards becoming an excellent engineer. My colleagues are incredible, always willing to help. I also have regular development session with Polina, who’s a senior DevOps engineer. She’s been giving me great advices and guiding my personal development.

ECS Digital is invested in my success and to performing well on client site so I’m looking forward to continuing to improve my skills and personal development once the Academy finishes. I expect to be working with challenging client projects shortly – and I can’t wait!

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