My Week Work Experience in Tech

Marcus Isherwood 19th November 2019


I am Yemidale Adenekan; a student of City and Islington sixth form college and I spent a week at ECS Digital doing a Women In Tech work experience. I found out about this work experience while reading my school’s newsletter, and thought of it as a good opportunity to experience how working in a tech industry will be like, as it is similar to what I want to study at university.

Work Experience

I went through the regular routine of applying, then sending in my cv and having to wait for an interview.

Summary of the week

When I arrived at ECS Digital, I was given a tour around the office and got to meet different members of the ECS Digital team, I also had an introductory session which gave me a bit of background knowledge about the company. Then I was given a mentor – Massimiliano Vallascas – to assist me throughout the week.

On my first day at ECS Digital, I learnt basic functioning operations of Python as I had never done any form of Python coding before. Then on my second day, I was given a use case to work on. As well as the use case to work on, I had one-to-ones with different members of the team to discuss “a day in their life at ECS digital”, and their role in the company.

Meeting the team

My first session was with Jason Man. Jason gave me a broad description of DevOps and his role as a DevOps and continuous delivery consultant. Later that day I had another session with Eloisa Tovee (Ely) about Marketing. She gave me tips and hints on how to market myself and helped me set up a LinkedIn account. She also introduced me to more people – yayy!

On Wednesday I had a little coffee date session with Emma Sadler. We talked about her role as a sales operations specialist, and how you don’t always need to be very technical to do well within ECS – although in some roles it definitely helps! Later that day, I had a walk in the park session with Martina Srdo. Martina and I first had a catch-up about my week, then we discussed her life as an Agilist and how she also looks after the wellbeing of her team.

My last session was another walk in the park with Anthony Forster. We spoke a bit about DevOps and his role as a DevOps and continuous delivery consultant, we also spoke about software engineering and bit about the course I want to study in university.

The use case

The aim of the use case was to use python in a real-life example. Massi showed me the ropes and then from there, I had to code an address book with functioning operations that could create a new contact, update an existing contact, delete an existing contact, view the address book, save and then exit the address book.

I also had to make sure that if the address book was empty, it would show “file empty” if you wanted to update or delete a contact, or that if you typed in a non-existing record id it will show “invalid”.

Part of my final solutions:



Challenges I faced

The most challenging part of the week would be when I would confuse myself while doing my use case or when I just didn’t get why something wasn’t working. I would keep complaining to Massi (my mentor for the week) but he’d just say I know it but I’m not applying it to my code. It was so frustrating, but with Massi’s help and thinking things through, I worked through the challenges and completed the use case!

Work Experience

What I enjoyed the most about my week

What I enjoyed most about the week would be when I would finally figure it out and realise it wasn’t so hard then Massi will say “was that so hard?”. It was funny and pleasing. I also enjoyed the one-to-ones, I didn’t really expect it, I had a nice time with everyone, and they were just so welcoming.


I learnt a lot during this work experience, like marketing myself, how to research, completing a task within a given time, python etc. I met a lot of people and had a good support system. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to apply for this to go for it, it was really a nice and different experience.


Yemidale was part of the second women in tech work experience ECS Digital has held. To see what value our first work experience delivered, read the experiences of Polly and Nada here.

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