New announcements from HashiConf 2018!

ecs-admin 24th October 2018

We are writing from San Francisco at the Fairmont Hotel where HashiCorp has just kicked off HashiConf 2018.

Since the company’s inception in 2012, it has seen huge growth and each of Hashicorp’s tools have become incredibly valuable to the industry. In particular, Terraform, Vault Consul and Nomad.

Terraform is currently used in most Fortune 500 companies. It also serves an incredible number of small and medium-size companies and plays an important part of the individual developer toolkit, thanks to growth in the adoption of the Cloud. Vault, Consul, Nomad are also being heavily utilised by the industry.

We’ve just kicked things off and HashiConf 2018 has a packed agenda of exciting talks, which is leading to some tough choices on our part!

Ready? Set. Go!

At ECS Digital, we’ve been working with the entire suite of products that HashiCorp has created.

Meet Michel Lebeau, DevOps and Continuous Delivery Consultant at ECSD. Michel has been heavily involved in projects that involve Hashicorp tools and runs Hashicorp Training courses. Here’s what he has to say about the product announcements at HashiConf 2018:

“I’m personally very excited about the free remote state feature that Terraform Enterprise is going to offer to everyone. This will allow teams to work together and manage the same resources much easier. This is a feature that Enterprise customers have enjoyed for a while now, and I’m extremely pleased to see that the general public will be able to benefit from it too.”

Nice one HashiCorp! See here for more details

“I’m also looking forward to Terraform 0.12, as I’m sure many others are, with the new for loop, conditional expressions, dynamic blocks, etc. However I am not looking forward to the breaking changes!

Vault 1.0 is of course another big one, it’s an awesome security tool that is being adopted by more companies by the day, and seeing HashiCorp give it its 1.0 seal of approval is very exciting. Auto Unseal for the open source community will help smaller companies sort out their unseal keys headache, which is a welcome addition.

Consul Connect and first-class support for Kubernetes are other announcements that have me unreasonably joyful for a Tuesday morning!”

Now meet Daniel Meszaros, also a DevOps and Continuous Delivery Consultant at ECS Digital. Daniel’s been working with open-source versions of the HashiStack for about 2 years. Here’s his take on the announcements at HashiConf 2018:

“There are a lot of exciting announcements happening this morning at HashiConf and let me tell you what my favourites are:

Terraform: HashiCorp is starting a new service to enable every terraform user to collaborate better. Remote state-file storage, with no limits on users or workspaces. Data is encrypted with Vault. This service also offers shared module registry, and centralised plans and applies. The brand new version of HCL is also something, a lot of people are waiting for, and it’s finally here. They’ve made the language more flexible, and introduced features (like loops, and dynamic blocks) that will make writing .tf files better.

Vault: 1.0 Preview Release. The entire community is waiting for the 1.0 for a long time. Vault is and has been a very mature product for years now, but the company didn’t want to release the first major version until they were sure, everything was just right, stable enough and supportable. New features include auto-unseal in open source versions, working with all the major public cloud providers: AWS, GCP, Azure and Alibaba Cloud.

Consul: Preview Release of v1.4. Connect is now Generally Available. Native integration with Envoy, the most commonly used service-mesh proxy. With the Kubernetes integration, announced earlier this year, Consul is now capable of discovering and securing and connecting services inside and outside a Kubernetes cluster.

Nomad: 0.9. I love the idea of Nomad. I love that HashiCorp is not trying to make yet another container-only platform, that focuses on the benefits of using container images, but besides being a container scheduler, is also trying to provide help to companies with legacy applications to start segregating and automating the deployments of their softwares in their current form. What shows that their effort is worth it, are the raw stats. Nomad is currently the fastest growing Hashicorp product in terms of downloads. In the new version coming in November, we’ll have new, improved UI and lot’s of new features, like utilising Nvidia GPU, Affinity type constraints, and a new type of scheduling, Spreading.

Learn: Hashicorp announced a new learning platform that helps everyone getting started with their products. Starting with Vault, but Consul and Nomad coming later this year.”

The official announcement by Armon Dadgar, co-founder of HashiCorp, can be found here.

Watch this space and follow us on Twitter for follow up blog posts and other specific announcements from Michel and Daniel at the conference!

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