New features in Puppet Enterprise 2017.3

Javier Velasquez 11th October 2017

Today at PuppetConfPuppet announced the release of Puppet Enterprise 2017.3.

The last release, Puppet Enterprise 2017.2, gave users the ability to:

  • Deploy using the Console, with visual tools
  • Scale up brokers, deploying them into Compile Masters
  • Inspect unmanaged software packages, know what you are running and identify security issues and know which ones are managed / unmanaged
  • Run PE in the cloud with marketplace images

What’s new for Puppet Enterprise 2017.3?

Here is a summary of Puppet Enterprise 2017.3, released today:

  • Puppet Pipelines, allowing to ship software faster to any endpoint, using Distelli which was acquired by Puppet earlier this year. These automated deployment pipelines are technology agnostic, and will integrate easily with the technologies you use.
  • Inspect known vulnerabilities affecting packages that you are using
  • Puppet has switched to two releases per year for its Enterprise offering, so this is the last releases for this year, and the next release will be in the first half of next year. The versions will be supported for 9 months. For LTS, 1.5 years support, with 6 more months of extended support
  • Puppet Tasks, which you can read more about in this blog post
  • Improved Marketplace images
  • Helm and Kubernetes support
  • Enhancements to the language and supported modules
  • Click to see a great Visual Code Studio plugin
  • Of course, the release of the Puppet5 Platform
  • Puppet Discovery, which you can also read more about in this blog post
  • Improvements to Puppet on Windows

Read more about Puppet Tasks and Puppet Discovery in our two related blog posts.

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