The rise of Artificial Intelligence at the AIBE Summit 2018

Marian Knotek 27th February 2018

A couple of weeks ago, we attended the annual Artificial Intelligence in Business & Entrepreneurship Summit (AIBE). The summit boasted more than 700 delegates and took place in QEII Centre in Westminster. The organisation behind AIBE wanted to create an event that would attract all education levels. Although, a relatively new event, AIBE has managed to establish itself over the past two years as a great way to engage diverse audiences and share ideas to further progress AI initiatives.

The selection of speakers varied significantly, from your highly technical IBM engineer, to academics who focused more on theoretical aspects and the future of technology. Several topics were debated around what exactly an AI driven world would look like; examples included how AI will influence society in terms of social interaction, career choices, job interaction, and the potential harm that AI can inherently cause. One speaker suggested that we should be pro-active in developing regulatory systems around how this technology should be used.

Democratisation of AI

Danilo Poccia, Amazon’s Evangelist led a discussion on the benefits of democratisation. We were introduced to Amazon’s products and services that are already widely available in their AWS ecosystem. The potential for AI to grow within this industry is huge and the more widely available AI technology becomes to the masses, the greater the opportunity for anyone and everyone to build the AI systems they need.

How is blockchain and AI influencing Fintech?

In a panel discussion, there was an interesting debate regarding how blockchain is influencing Fintech companies and how, in turn this is disrupting business. The ultimate question from this was: what is the future of digital currencies based on blockchain and AI?

Only time can tell as there was no consensus on whether cryptocurrencies would replace legacy currencies or how exactly AI would influence monetary systems. Several advantages were highlighted especially the fact that rules are set from the outset, potentially making these currencies less volatile. Cryptocurrencies are still in their infancy and they will need to go through several iterations of improvements towards faster and more secure platforms.


Another area of the AIBE Summit was an Expo where you can lead discussions with companies about their particular AI driven software. People were happy to confer the technical details and it was a good chance to gauge the diverse opinions of the attendees.

So what has AI got to do with DevOps and Continuous Delivery?

It indeed contributes a great deal when you’re in the business of automation, testing and performance optimisation. As a matter of fact, we’re currently developing several tools used for our clients to make automated testing and performance optimisation more autonomous. We will be sharing

If you would like some more information about Artificial Intelligence and DevOps, or if you have any questions, please get in touch.

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