Soft Skills Training during the Academy

Eloisa Tovee 25th January 2020

Hi, my name is Grace Tree and I’ve just become a Delivery Consultant at ECS Digital after graduating from the ECS Digital Training Academy.

The soft skills training that I got to enjoy on the Academy were highly useful. Especially as I have always had an issue with voice projection and being more assertive. The areas I was lucky enough to be provided training with were presentation training, business writing and consultancy. Although it was a big challenge and difficult psychologically, I can see the benefits from the training starting to materialise naturally into areas where I can utilise them.

Before I joined the Academy, I thought being a consultant meant lots… and lots… of overtime. However here at ECS Digital this practice is highly discouraged. If you are seen working past 5:20, chances are that someone is going to say hi and politely encourage you to go home!

There is also a real sense of community. Before I thought being a consultant also included you doing 90% (if not more!) of the work by yourself. However, throughout the academy the collaboration culture has been continually emphasised meaning that you are always able to get anyone’s input and help. This way you can resolve issues sooner while accelerating your own learning in the process. Even if the question you have is simple and perhaps seems silly, there will always be people around that are happy to help.


This mentality has really helped with improving those difficult soft skills. With everyone being on board, it results in active and constructive feedback. Gaining this different perspective is so valuable. With it you realise how much you have improved in a short space of time, and also know the steps that you can take next time to become even better! It also allows for everyone to develop their own style and uniqueness by making each of us aware of our own individual strong points.

Just going through this training as a group was such a valuable experience in itself. The Academy team grew closer, creating an environment where I feel comfortable to check on any pesky bad habits and take on feedback to overcome them.

So, where do I think all this will lead?

Well luckily enough, I know a highly successful female consultant who has two beautiful girls and a beautiful house in London. Her life is full of empowerment and love and she really is killing it. This is the kind of life I hope to one day create for myself. I want to be able to enjoy as much as I can. Do good work that I am proud of and be of real help to clients. Perhaps even forging some long-lasting friendships along the way and having many laughs while I do so.

If you feel like you’re at a bit of a standstill but are happy to work hard and really strive for positive change in yourself then I would highly recommend becoming a delivery consultant through the academy. You will learn many things that will stay with you for life and be able to start creating a change in your own life, all while also giving back and helping others also create the change they need.


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