What you missed at Dockercon17

ecs-admin 24th April 2017

Fresh off the flight from Austin, Texas where this years Dockercon17 was held. We just couldn’t wait to get the latest information out!

Any fans of containers will have, no doubt, heard the number of new features to the Dockerecosystem. If we were to mention all of them, we would be here for days so, we’ve helped focus on a few really interesting announcements from the event.

If there was any doubt that Docker’s momentum was slowing down, feast your eyes on the infographic below:


Oracle Containers

One of the biggest announcements from this years’ Dockercon was Oracle’s commitment to provide officially supported containerised versions of their most popular tool, as well as, the promise of more official images to come.

Oracle.pngThe news of an officially supported Oracle container comes as a welcome addition to the Docker ecosystem. As many of us will know – using a large Oracle database is sometimes unavoidable, but, having the option to integrate Oracle’s newest offering with your Docker tool chain, will allow for the best of both worlds, lightweight, immutable containers, and the reliability and feature-rich content of Oracle.

Microsoft running Linux on Windows

Microsoft also attended this years’ Dockcon17 and had a lot to tell us about the work they have been doing with Docker over the last 2 years. Those of us who follow Docker and their rapidly changing ecosystem will already know about the ability to run Docker natively on Windows server 2016, but you may also know that due to the way Docker works, running Linux containers on Windows has not been possible, until now!

Microsoft and Docker announced the ability to run Linux containers on Windows Server 2016 with the use of the new Linux kit.

Moby’s Cool Hacks


Marcos Nils and Jonathan Leibiusky, the winners of this years ‘Moby’s Cool Hacks’ closed Dockercon17 with an amazing demo of their winning entry ‘Play-with-Docker.’ A browser based playground for Docker, allowing users to spawn short lived Docker containers in seconds, this power platform is great for both learning and teaching Docker.

This Docker swarm cluster hosted in AWS (Amazon Web Services) allows for a wide range of applications, and as they demonstrated, not only was Docker in Docker possible, but also, Swarm in Swarm. Marcos and Jonathan offered around 30 step-by-step tutorials to get you from novice to Docker pro in no time.
Play with Docker copy-1.png

FaaS (Function as a Service)

Alex Ellis presented the second Cool Hack, Functions as a Service (FaaS). FaaS leverages Docker swarm to provide serverless functions, with each container running a watchdog process that hosts a web server; allowing a post request to be forwarded to a desired process, via STDIN.

The response is sent back to the caller via STDOUT. This type of architecture allows for small repeatable pieces of code to be used in order to create complex actions.

Ellis demonstrated one of these actions in the form of an Alexa request, using an Amazon Dot, he asked Alexa to trigger his custom function, with an input parameter, then using a separate verbal request, Ellis, was able to verify the result of the initial request.


Ellis created a bunch of samples to get help you get started with the first function, but remember, functions can be written in any language, so no need to learn a complex new language. The FaaS can be automatically scaled using the baked-in Prometheus to gather metrics and scale up and down for demand.

You can see the functions used in Alex’s demo in this Github repository: https://github.com/alexellis/faas-dockercon/

Moby Project

Another announcement from Dockercon17 was the release of the Moby Project, a new open source project to advance the software containerization movement  – we will have a detailed blog about this very soon, so keep a look out!

Overall, Dockercon17 was a great event all round, not to mention the amazing evening event on Rainey Street with Docker’s own Container Bar! (obviously we had to have a few there!)  we are looking forward to Dockercon EU in Copenhagen later this year.

Until then, we will play with some of the new announcements and let you know how we get on.

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