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As a company that has spent 50 years’ as a leader in the consumer industry, the ability to innovate and respond to customer change is one of the critical elements in ensuring they stay ahead of competition. Our client identified a time-intensive legacy logistics system as an area that they needed to update to ensure they could react quickly to customer demand.

When Apple launched their new iPhone series in 2012, customers were required to change SIM formats, from Micro to Nano. One of our clients, a leading UK telecommunications company, was responsible for handling these requests via their website and call centre. Forms were then sent to an offshore team and it took around 24 hours for the SIM swap to be registered.

Banks are not renowned for the speed with which they embrace innovation. That is, until new companies like Monzo arrived on the scene and started shaking things up. We helped a leading public building society take advantage of new technologies and modernize their software processes, so that they wouldn’t lose footing in the disrupted industry.

Staying ahead in the highly competitive and ever-changing online gambling community requires speed. Updates or changes to your website and mobile apps need to reach customers quickly, or you risk losing them (and your credibility) to another provider.