Enterprise Cloud Adoption


With a proven, industry-leading approach to data centre migration, ECS helps ensure your relocations, consolidations, mergers and divestments are completed with minimal business disruption.

Whatever the driver for your data centre migration, these projects all have one thing in common: complexity.

Data centre migrations account for 60% of all large IT projects4. An average migration programme takes 4 years to complete, but fewer than 60% are completed on time.  Most also exceed their budgets and result in business disruption

And getting it wrong can compromise business-critical services, tarnish reputations and see costs escalate. Managing migrations effectively involves meticulous planning, which can be both onerous and a significant distraction from operational priorities.

Unsurprisingly, internal experience around planning and carrying out such a major exercise is limited.

By contrast, ECS has extensive experience in major migration programmes that ensures realistic predictions, the development of pragmatic migration plans, and the, avoidance of unplanned business impacts.

ECS migration services leverage a best practice approach, through our Relay™ service.

The Change Office within Relay™ ensures the work is effectively channelled and reconstructed as successful migrations. The Decision Office is focused on those vital pre-migration stages:

  • categorising the applications, shared services and devices in terms of criticality
  • detailing each application or service and scheduling these with their respective environments for migration
  • breaking down each application or service into addressable work packages, each with defined treatments
  • assigning applicable treatments in terms of lift & shift or build ahead, as well as the potential use of swing estates. This will also impact the type and degree of testing required, as illustrated in the diagram below
  • where relevant, agreeing target reference architectures  
  • including all relevant work packages within a runbook for each application or shared service.

The runbooks ensure the work packages are sequenced such that complete service migrations are delivered to achieve the overall goals with the utmost confidence. Defining the migration treatments in advance also helps frame the information discovery required and the migration workloads involved as illustrated here:

These allow customers to benefit from:

  • increased certainty of outcome – based on forensic planning and experienced analysis for early risk identification and mitigation
  • reduced service impact – a risk-based approach ensures change, risk and contingency is mapped to business requirements
  • proven methodology and concise reporting – clear, tailored management information supports fit-for-purpose controls and timely completion
  • business-optimised IT design – collaborative selection of build ahead designs to reduce risk and increase success.

Relay™ underpins our relocation services and comprises a set of workflows, methodologies, tools and professional services to take the headache out of assessment, planning and execution.