Enterprise Cloud Adoption


Minimise risks associated with complex or large-scale Cloud migration

Our experience in Cloud adoption and strong heritage in enterprise-scale migration initiatives means ECS are ideally placed to support your Cloud journey.

ECS will work with your organisation to understand your service portfolio to identify the most effective migration option for each application or service line.  Information from this discovery and classification activity is then leveraged by the ECS Relay™ framework to ensure successful Cloud adoption at scale with minimal risk.

Throughout the migration process, ECS will work with your team to build secure, compliant landing zones and select the appropriate Cloud infrastructure to ensure optimal outcomes.

ECS will help you to quickly and effectively:

  • Assess your application landscape and service portfolio to determine the most effective migration approach
  • Identify the appropriate Cloud services within your organisations strategy and risk-appetite
  • Create a Decision Office to manage the knowledge around which components are delivered how and when
  • Coordinate via a Change Office to ensure each component is well defined and assigned to relevant delivery teams
  • Run Change Factories to provide effective, rapid and well-governed management for each migration component

ECS provides guidance and assurance of all aspects of your programme, our experience in Cloud adoption and enterprise-scale migration initiatives means we’re ideally placed to support your Cloud journey.

The ECS Cloud Migrate engagement starts shortly after the Cloud Integrate is in progress, and extends to cover Cloud management and continuous improvement.

If you’re planning any scale of Cloud adoption or migration, contact our experts today.

Cloud Activate

Start your Cloud Adoption process. Our team will help build your business case and strategy for Cloud and get buy-in from the key people in your business.


Cloud Integrate

Mobilise your Cloud journey. Our experts will help you to start delivering your business case objectives and accelerate your Cloud adoption.


Cloud Migrate

Maximise your Cloud. We help our clients undertake Cloud workload and data migrations with confidence, speed and certainty of outcome.


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