Enterprise Cloud Adoption


Enhancing your business efficiency

Enterprise Service Management is designed to align all the technology and business services used to support your customers, while also addressing all the related governance aspects.

We can support you by advising you on how new approaches to your current working practices can enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business.

Our Enterprise Service Management service will align your business with your IT needs, changing the emphasis from an internal technology discussion to one which gives you the agility and flexibility you need to better meet your customers’ needs both now and in the future.

Ultimately, our goal is to reduce ‘run the business’ costs and improve the volume of ‘change the business’ activity.

Focused strategy across your key services

  • Service Strategy – develop a full understanding of your services
  • Service Excellence – managed execution of service strategy
  • Service Improvement – full-service lifecycle management
  • Service Intelligence – relevant information to aid decision making at all levels of the organisation
  • Service Enablement – ensure your workforce is informed about, and engaged with, the process.

Rapid response to stakeholder demands

Our success in implementing Enterprise Service Management strategies for our blue-chip customers is based on helping them tackle a variety of issues.

Some of the benefits of working with ECS:

  • Our specialist support will improve your ability to adapt to market changes and more intense competition
  • We’ll increase your ability to respond more quickly and effectively to meet – or exceed – customer expectations and demand
  • Your awareness of, and response to, regulatory and compliance issues will be enhanced
  • Your commitment to innovation will be reflected by your suppliers
  • The challenges related to introducing DevOps tools and methodologies to a traditional estate will be overcome.