Secure the Enterprise

SIEM Design and Deployment

Understanding your business concerns and ambitions

While SIEM solutions can potentially offer massive benefits to organisations, their complexity can often lead to a steep learning curve for the customer at the deployment stage.

We have years of experience in designing and deploying SIEM solutions, a track record which helps us ensure our clients benefit from seamless and rapid adoption.

Our proven approach is based on customer requirements, ensuring the clients we work with get best value from their investment.

For organisations that see security monitoring as a key part of their defence against threats, rather than simply a compliance requirement, a one-size-fits-all approach is inappropriate. Importantly, a SIEM should assist rather than constrain your security monitoring function.

Our experienced team will take time to understand your business concerns and ambitions and create a service to addresses both.

Tailored, expert approach

  • Specialist support – our team are experts in designing and deploying technologies capable of consuming structured and unstructured data at ‘big-data’ volumes
  • Delivery against our customer’s requirements – we deliver solutions tailored to your needs rather than relying on a generic approach
  • Unconstrained by source technologies – we’ve yet to find a log source we couldn’t integrate

Track record of support for industry leaders

We’ve designed and delivered SIEM solutions for some of the UK’s largest banks, building societies and retailers.

One of our key customers – a large UK building society – had an urgent need for a logging and monitoring solution to meet their PCI DSS obligations, which could be scaled to address their overall security monitoring requirements. We designed and delivered a SIEM solution capable of growing with their requirements and delivering massive value to the operational security team.

Another blue chip customer, a major UK banking institution, was facing challenges with its existing SIEM implementation which was not fit for purpose. We provided a tactical stopgap to gain more value from their current SIEM and provided the customer with a migration path to a strategic solution.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • We assign skilled SIEM engineering resources to our customers
  • We implement a scalable platform for ever-increasing security logging requirements
  • We deploy a best practice and flexible security monitoring environment either in-house or via the cloud