Secure the Enterprise

Special Projects

Knowledge, experience and flexibility

Our expertise across a wide range of security issues includes the ability to build specialist teams to tackle the diverse challenges our clients face.

Our IT security experts cover a wide range of disciplines and our flexible approach means we can rapidly assemble the right team to deliver specific tasks including non-security specific roles such as business analysts and project managers.

Tailored service to tackle specific needs

  • Provision of skilled security resource
  • Flexible engagement models – resource augmentation, consultancy, managed services
  • Short and long term engagement

Lowering costs and increasing efficiency

Our experience includes the creation of a team to support a major global bank address issues with certificate management and establish an internal centre of excellence.

We also assembled a team to support a major supermarket develop a secure software development lifecycle and drive engagement throughout its development and engineering teams.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • Our support will reduce risk by giving you access to skilled resource when you need it
  • Your costs will be reduced by only utilising our expert advice when required
  • Efficiency will be enhanced by accessing our expertise to understand industry best practice