Transforming a SOC into a world-class, award-winning service with Splunk

This client has a significant online presence and digital agenda. Like all high-profile banking organisations, they are continually enhancing business channels and improving customer engagement using technology. Doing this against the backdrop of an evolving threat landscape requires a bespoke, contextually rich and proactive monitoring capability that actively contributes to the management of their security risks.

The client’s main driver was to modernise their Security Operations Centre (SOC) facility to provide threat management capabilities as well as addressing compliance needs. They appointed ECS as their partner in this work as they shared a common vision for the development of the SOC.

Delivering a fit for purpose SOC
ECS has a proven pedigree in the design, delivery and enhancement of SOCs which is formalised in their bespoke SOC Toolkit. The SOC Toolkit is an end to end combination of artefacts and tested processes that allows us to design, build and deliver SOCs in a consistent, methodical and streamlined manner.

This proven methodology means our customers gain value from their investment quickly, whilst also meeting their necessary governance and compliance requirements.

ECS took the time to understand the client’s needs as we understand that every business is different. We were able to plan across processes, technology and people, and execute a robust project plan to deliver in the agreed timescales. During on-boarding, particular emphasis was placed on both discovery and service transition, ensuring the client received a fully articulated and embedded bespoke SOC, built to meet their unique needs.

Managed Threat Modelling
ECS augmented the core SOC with a tailored Threat Modelling Managed Service. This service enables business-aligned threat detection and investigation by working collaboratively with the bank’s process and system owners to deliver context rich monitoring, alerting and investigation capabilities to the SOC. This means that the SOC is given extended detection capabilities that are focused on identifying sophisticated attacks against business-critical assets.

What value did ECS bring?
ECS has not only delivered increased detection and investigation capabilities, we have also improved customer insight, continually refining their cybersecurity posture from a function largely focussed on compliance to an award- winning threat-focussed SOC.

This approach is why ECS won ‘Best Managed Service’ at the Computing Vendor Excellence Awards in 2016 and were in the SC Magazine ‘Best Cyber Company’ shortlist in 2017.


Some of the key benefits include:
  • Dedicated 24*7 on-site SOC: Focussed on effectively managing threat and as part of this fulfilling compliance needs.
  • Bespoke context-aware SOC Service: Automated business aligned monitoring capabilities that deliver to our on-site team that understand the client’s environment and the unique threats they face.
  • Futureproof SOC designed to scale: ECS is responsible for building and managing a team of engineers and analysts who are trained to ensure the service can evolve with the client.
  • Improved performance: SOC Service has exceeded all SLA’s and delighted the for 5 years, with a commitment to continuous innovation.

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