Migrating a major bank  to a new multi-site WAN service

The Client

A major UK retail bank engaged ECS to manage the complex migration of 25 sites from a legacy WAN solution to a new WAN service provided by the bank’s incumbent telecoms service provider.

The Challenge

The bank urgently needed to migrate all the services used across 25 locations from a legacy WAN service which was due to be decommissioned by the telecoms provider in just 16 weeks’ time.

In order to ensure a smooth and prompt migration to an alternative WAN from the same telecoms provider, the bank needed to bring in an external team of experienced WAN migration experts.

The Solution

ECS was tasked with managing the end-to-end planning, discovery, order management, delivery and migration of all 25 locations to the new WAN service within the deadline.

The ECS team devised and handled a customised managed service that included:

  • Undertaking detailed discovery of the existing WAN connectivity at each location, including on-site surveys;
  • Managing the multi-site procurement and delivery of all WAN services, and the network infrastructure required to provide connectivity;
  • Planning, preparing and implementing the migration of each location to the new WAN services;
  • Managing any escalations and potential delays arising from internal client process challenges and telecoms provider delays;
  • Removing all legacy services and infrastructure from each location;
  • Wrapping up the project.

Why ECS?

  • Dedicated team. ECS is able to mobilise a dedicated project team of experienced WAN migration experts at very short notice.
  • Flexible resource pool. ECS can quickly add additional network consultants to the team as required.
  • Project Management. ECS has unrivalled end-to-end project management experience in the delivery of complex service migrations.

The Results

  • Rapid change delivery. ECS successfully migrated 25 locations to the new WAN service within the tight 16-week deadline.
  • End-of-life infrastructure removal. ECS identified a large number of end-of-life infrastructure components during the discovery phase and made provisions to include replacement of these as part of this project.
  • Proactive engagement. ECS identified and worked closely with all remote business users impacted by the migrations to ensure the transitions occurred at the most convenient times.
  • Governance assurance. ECS worked with the bank’s change management and platform owners to ensure a smooth and timely handover after the migration.
  • Risk Reduction. Resulted in the closure of a Significant and long standing risk in the Bank’s platform.
  • Guaranteed Outcome. ECS acted as the intermediary with the Telco, saving time and effort. The project ensured the risk was closed to the expectations of the Bank, with no deflections on BAU operations, giving a guaranteed set of outcomes.