Transforming Technology

Firewall Assurance

Protecting your networks and defending your business

As the first line of IT defence, firewalls play a vital role in keeping your network secure and your policies compliant.

We work as the trusted partners of world-leading financial services operators who demand the strongest possible firewall protection.

Our detailed analysis of a global bank’s arrangements led to us identifying gaps and potential issues. Our recommendations for simplifying and improving the robustness of the system were successfully implemented providing the enhanced assurance level our client required.

We can help protect your network by performing regular firewall assessments to deter and prevent exposure to cyber-attacks and threat of viruses and time-wasting spam.

Our Firewall Assurance team will monitor and assess rules and configurations from multiple firewalls to keep your network secure, optimised and fully compliant.

Expertise in firewall services

  • Identifies and prioritises recommendations to fix and protect firewalls
  • Provides practical remediation assistance
  • Offers policy configuration tailored to your needs
  • Protects your network perimeter

Optimising your operations

Our expert advice will enable you to work smarter, secure in the knowledge that your enterprise is running as efficiently as possible.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • Our support ensures network security compliance via ongoing firewall assessment
  • We’ll identify configurations, rule conflicts and security gaps
  • As your trusted partner, we’ll enhance your security robustness and firewall performance