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Managed Service Integration

Expert advice to optimise your IT infrastructure

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) is the process of managing your suppliers and internal teams during the service lifecycle.

We ensure our customers’ IT infrastructure is delivering the optimum results, providing expert advice which will help you to work smarter and ensure your enterprise is as efficient as possible.

In our lengthy experience, SIAM implementation can present customers with a variety of issues such as:

  • Services lacking innovation and suppliers only working to contract
  • Management of suppliers has been handed over to one delivery supplier and control lost. How can this be regained?
  • Inability to support deliveries to suppliers who are dictating what they need to complete activity
  • What is the best approach to outsourcing?

A key consideration for organisations is that SIAM doesn’t just encompass operational activity but should cover all aspects of the service lifecycle.

Activity covers both internal and external organisations across two main disciplines – the management of delivery of each service and the effectiveness of all services.

Managed approach to SIAM

  • Strategy – Understand what you want from each delivery service and whether to outsource or not. Understand what you need to retain and manage
  • Excellence – Managed execution of SIAM strategy
  • Intelligence – Measure the value and effectiveness of each service
  • Recovery – Review and align your current SIAM activity
  • Enablement – Ensure your workforce is informed about and engaged with the process

Support for your business goals

ECS is a trusted partner of some of the UK’s biggest retail banks. Our work for one of the sector’s leading players involved helping to deliver the bank’s strategy of separating its IT services and moving to a SIAM model.

Our role was to understand the outsource commitment and provide the model for the size, shape and key roles for the retained SIAM organisation.

The assignment was extended to allow early interception of other outsourcing projects such as voice, data and desktop and ensure the use of a consistent framework which would allow effective interlock across the new towers in the final SIAM model.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • Our support ensures you will have a consistent approach to management of internal and outsourced services, all of which are aligned to improve your business goals.
  • In addition, your enhanced understanding of each service removes the potential for supplier lock-in.