Network Segregation

Specialist skills across network design, security and management

Network and data issues can have serious implications for your business, including, customer dissatisfaction and reputational damage that can have a long term impact on your brands.

Whether the cause is internal or external, accidental or deliberate, our expert team can help you segregate your network to contain the issue and ensure it does not impact the entire business.

We offer a comprehensive vendor agnostic and network supplier independent service. This includes an unbiased appraisal of the risk profile and recommendations for remedial action.

Our specialists in network design, security and management also have the ability to engage with your stakeholders to obtain collaborate and agree on the best solutions.

Ensuring network stability

  • Physical and logical partitioning of network access services
  • Deploying firewalls, creating security zones with pre-determined trust levels
  • Effective authentication and password protection
  • Change management controls and appropriate administrative access rights to ensure authorisation
  • Optimal IP routing and Ethernet spanning tree configurations

Supporting global businesses

We have experience managing network segregation for large enterprises. For example, we recently designed and implemented the separation of test and production systems at a network level to support an acquisition and integration for a global bank. We rapidly implemented the network switching allowing the client to focus on application migration and testing with no cross system issues during the move to a production system.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • Protect your brand by mitigating the risk to your network from any errors during the change management process
  • Reduce the complexity of the network through segregation
  • Increase performance by containing previously unknown network limitations and features during the segregated network design phase
  • Keep your data secure by clearly defined and implemented security controls
  • Experience in cloud adoption and strong heritage in enterprise-scale migration initiatives means we’re ideally placed to support your network transformation.