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ISP Complex Provisions

Guiding your key ISP decisions

Making the right decision when selecting new Internet-related services is essential. And being able to obtain an honest and unbiased view of the suitability of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) is hugely valuable, particularly given their diversity and the breadth of their service offerings.

A modest investment in our services, including a comprehensive and independent ISP appraisal, will provide you with the best solution for your organisation and help protect you against significant impact on your business.

Our services include gathering requirements, ISP short listing and recommendations.

We’ll provide independent advice, based on our lengthy experience, which helps you avoid making the wrong choice which could potentially result in serious impact on everything from your share price to the confidence of your investors, customers and staff.

Key features

  • ISP selection management & benchmarking
  • Solution design, migration and integration
  • Internet security
  • Network management & reporting
  • Stakeholder management

ISP assessment and guidance to meet your needs

One of our key clients, a major UK bank, needed to source Internet network services for its new data centres and asked us to lead the selection process.

Our extensive support included evaluation of 20 leading ISPs and following shortlisting, three providers were benchmarked against each other and a scoring system applied to identify the preferred supplier.

By trusting us to identify and agree a robust solution, our client was able to focus on other projects in a resource and time challenged environment while also being reassured that key stakeholders were fully informed at key stages in an efficient and effective manner.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • We’ll tailor ISP selection to your requirements, including dual option for additional resilience
  • We’ll provide a full assessment of ISP capabilities from product options through to delivery and support
  • Our consultancy service will ensure minimal commitment from your in-house resources
  • Key client stakeholders will fully engaged in the process