Transforming Technology

Enterprise Wireless

Making the best connections in the wireless environment

ECS has a strong track record as a partner and design authority in wireless technologies and a reputation for delivering technology roadmaps and best practice standards for global businesses.

Whether it is an integrated enterprise solution or the delivery of guest and BYOD wireless services over existing complex enterprise deployments, we’ll assist you in planning, designing, building and running wireless networks that support your needs and connectivity strategy

Wi-Fi Services

  • Identify immediate Wi-Fi enablement opportunities
  • Develop a Wi-Fi infrastructure road-map and define a phased enablement approach
  • Transform Wi-Fi requirements into tangible infrastructure design encompassing mandatory requirements and functional recommendations
  • Undertake infrastructure upgrades required to deploy Wi-Fi capabilities
  • Comprehensive handover and training of implemented Wi-Fi environments

Embedding Wi-Fi into your business operations

Whatever your need, our specialist team have the expertise to create a wireless solution which gets to the heart of your business objectives.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • Develop your Wi-Fi road map and design and implement the solution that allows you to overlay different services across your wireless infrastructure  (Corporate, Guest and/or BYOD)
  • Identify business opportunities being missed due to lack of connectivity or infrastructure
  • If you have already invested in Wi-Fi deployment, extract best value for your business