Transforming Technology

Load Balancing

In depth knowledge in F5 deployment

F5 load balancing allows the distribution of workloads across servers and clusters, optimising use and minimising user access response time.

Our in-depth knowledge of the F5 products and extensive experience in deploying these key components in enterprise networks gives us a comprehensive understanding of the wider network environment and the importance of cross-platform working relationships.

Years of standardising complex environments have given our expert consultants vital experience in providing and maintaining best-in-class implementations, ensuring stability and operational efficiencies.

One stop shop for F5 services

  • Architecture, design and build
  • Estate auditing and service improvement
  • Application acceleration/security/migration
  • Hardware & software upgrades/support
  • Integration with data and firewall infrastructure

Experience in managing global services

Our team are familiar with the challenge of implementation for leading businesses – our experience includes managing and resourcing an F5 migration project for a large UK financial services organisation.

Benefits of working with ECS:

  • Our track record speaks for itself – our specialists have successfully delivered a range of F5 solutions including global builds, upgrades, technology refreshes, migrations, mergers, acquisitions and divestitures
  • That experience includes implementing and managing global F5 services for customers across many industry verticals
  • Our ability to work across platform silos in large organisations deliver services which that exploit F5’s functionality to the full