Encouraging a leading Finance company to embrace Innovation

ecs-admin 28th August 2019

Banks are not renowned for the speed with which they embrace innovation. That is, until new companies like Monzo arrived on the scene and started shaking things up. We helped a leading public building society take advantage of new technologies and modernize their software processes, so that they wouldn’t lose footing in the disrupted industry.

Our client had been using the same waterfall approach to software development that they were using 15 years ago, so bringing in our teams was a big step for them. We decided to start small: enhancing the process of back end applications within one internal department.

Results were very promising. Not only did we reduce their deployment time by up to 60 times within the one department alone, we also dramatically decreased their change failure rate to less than once a year (so, basically never). Understandably, they’re now looking to bring these kinds of results to the entire organisation.

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