Creating Innovation within one of the world’s leading Retailers

ecs-admin 28th August 2019

As a company that has spent 50 years as a leader in the consumer industry, the ability to innovate and respond to customer change is one of the critical elements in ensuring they stay ahead of competition. Our client identified a time-intensive legacy logistics system as an area that they needed to update to ensure they could react quickly to customer demand.

Doing this meant simplifying the processes of their systems and automating where possible.

As a result, they’re now able to spend their time on other, more customer-focused, work: allowing them to compete more closely with other large competitors.

“Working with ECS Digital, we’ve managed to so far reduce deployment times by 75% – from around a month to just one week, freeing up a lot of our resources. And, by simplifying the process, those still involved are spending half the amount of time on unplanned work.” said a Release Manager in the business.

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