Recruitment tech startup VizCareer hires ECS for AWS cloud consulting

Tony Connor 28th April 2019

Founded in 2017, VizCareer is a Scottish tech startup with global ambitions that is disrupting the established recruitment model. The firm’s innovative platform streamlines the recruitment process, harnessing the power of video and integrating with social media to replace traditional job adverts and initial candidate assessments with video adverts and video responses. This makes it quicker and easier for employers to identify and engage with potential candidates, particularly in-demand millennials and other digitally savvy candidates.

The Challenge

In December 2017, VizCareer approached ECS for help in migrating its business to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The firm was growing fast and starting to secure business from global companies such as Exxon Mobil. It needed the peace of mind that comes with running a business in the AWS cloud – availability, resilience, security, agility and scalability.

The Solution

The ECS cloud team provided VizCareer with a range of specialist consultancy and migration services, beginning with advice on how best to provision the initial AWS demonstration solution. Working closely with their in-house IT professionals, we provided guidance on cloud best practice, ongoing software development processes, and the AWS account structure and setup.

Our AWS specialists migrated VizCareer’s platform to AWS using Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (AWS EC2) instances. We designed the front end to use an AWS Elastic Load Balancer to ensure high availability, and set up both network ACLs (access control layers) and security groups for enhanced security protection. This is especially important for a RecTech (recruitment technology) platform where the ability to securely store candidates’ personal information is paramount.

VizCareer also engaged us to provide the cloud architecture to support its interactive mobile app, which runs on AWS. The app is used by recruiters to upload video ads and by candidates to respond to these ads with their own video submissions.

In addition, our consultants advised VizCareer on the adoption of continuous integration and continuous delivery processes to support a route to live capability that uses separate AWS accounts for development and production.

With the migration now complete, we are continuing to offer operational support to ViZCareer and will soon undertake a Well Architected Review of the workload as part of our best practice approach.

The Benefits

Mark McLauchlan, VizCareer CTO, sums up the benefits of working with ECS to move to AWS, “AWS is a great choice for any digital business looking to scale. And ECS proved to be a fantastic choice of cloud consulting and migration partner. We were won over by ECS’s strong track record in helping businesses far larger and more complex than ours move to AWS. During the engagement we were hugely impressed by the cloud team’s depth and breadth of expertise and the way that they made it so easy to work together to meet our goals on budget and within the agreed deadlines.”

VizCareer CEO Connor Haggerty concludes, “As a RecTech startup, we need to focus on building our business globally, and rely on our partners ECS and AWS to ensure our platform is robust, scalable and secure in the cloud. We are already seeing some real business benefits from the move. We are onboarding customers at a far higher rate and can make changes to our platform much faster than before. This in turn is boosting engagement with both recruiters and job hunters.

“With this technology advantage under our belt we are now in a position toscale our business by licensing our platform to other recruitment firms internationally,” he added.



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