Enabling a leading Telco to deliver 36 times faster than competitors

ecs-admin 28th August 2019

When Apple launched their new iPhone series in 2012, customers were required to change SIM formats, from Micro to Nano. One of our clients, a leading UK telecommunications company, was responsible for handling these requests via their website and call centre. Forms were then sent to an offshore team and it took around 24 hours for the SIM swap to be registered.

One of their competitors was offering the same service with less than a quarter of the turnaround time. Our client was struggling to compete, because their process was highly manual, involving information being read and re-keyed into different systems.

Our solution was to automate the entire business process, eliminating manual input throughout the organisation. The results reduced the turnaround time of a SIM swap from 24 hours to under 10 minutes – that’s 144 times faster than the time it took before implementation, and 36 times faster than their competitor!

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