Aqua Fundamentals workshop


Location TBC


from £1000 excl. VAT

Biagio Napoli 17th February 2022


DevSecOps and security professionals.


This two-day workshop consists of 14 modules and five labs designed to provide learners with the opportunity to discover and test key features in the platform.

Course modules:

In the space of two days, we will cover the following:

  • Cloud Native Security
  • Architecture
  • Installation
  • Scanning and Image
  • Assurance Policies
  • Runtime Protection
  • Services and Firewall Policies
  • Secrets Management
  • Serverless Protection
  • Role Based Access Control (RBAC)
  • CLI and API
  • Aqua for Developers
  • Aqua for Admins

Prices start from £1,000. Contact ECS direct for private course and pricing information.


To get the most out of this workshop, we recommend that participants have working knowledge of the following tools and concepts:

  • Docker & Kubernetes deployment
  • Cloud Native landscape / security challenges
  • Kubernetes tools (kubectl, kubeadm, kubelet)
  • Docker commands
  • CI/CD and DevOps
  • Containerisation platforms (AWS EKA, Azure AKS, AWS WCS, Azure ACS)
  • Vulnerability management, firewalls, secrets, data protection, RBAC
  • Security risk and compliance (CIS) Benchmarks and regulatory standards)

Tools to download in advance:

This step takes 20 minutes and is required to complete our labs. Note: if your enterprise restricts public internet access via a proxy/firewall rules, please ensure that our domain *.aquaseclabs. com and * are both whitelisted/allowed.

Private and Public training offered

Course price: £1000 excl. VAT



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