Consul 101: Connect Dynamic Applications


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Biagio Napoli 17th February 2022


Developers and operators who are writing or supporting dynamic applications or microservices and have not run Consul in production before.


Learn how to connect dynamic applications using Consul service discovery and service mesh. This introductory course will get you started using Consul’s core capabilities and give you the tools to continue learning about more advanced use cases on your own. Learn by doing, with the help of an instructor in this mixed lab and lecture course.

During this hands-on, one-day training course you will cover:

  • Learn about the problems that Consul solves
  • Explore Consul’s architecture and interfaces (HTTP API, DNS interface, and web UI)
  • Implement service discovery and health checking
  • Connect services into a service mesh to encrypt and control network traffic
  • Manipulate values in Consul’s key-value store and watch them for updates
  • Render a configuration file from key-value data using Consul Template
  • Install a local Consul agent that you can use to continue experimenting with after the course
  • Use Consul with Kubernetes
  • Explore additional online learning resources

Students will receive access to their own personal Linux-based lab environment for the class.


  • WiFi and SSH-enabled device with a Terminal
  • Modern internet browser such as Firefox, Chrome, or Safari
  • Ability to connect to the public Internet unrestricted (no proxies or firewalls)

Private and Public training offered

Course price: £850 excl. VAT



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